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PostPosted: Wed Dec 3, '08, 4:36 am 
I never understood how that could have been a debate in the first place. It's obvious to me that DF is yanking your chain and simply disguising himself as a human.

- No other person controlled by Dark Force in the entire series ever acts as nice as Seth does. Very odd behavior.
- Seth is supposedly amazed by the party's strength, but really, he's just as strong if not stronger than any of them. His banter comes off as being really disingenuous and suspicious.
- Seth's true goal for tagging along with you is probably so he can steal the Aero Prism. Use the Talk command after you obtain it but before you step outside of the temple to see what I mean.
- Rune probably doesn't yammer on about Dark Force evolving for no reason. It's strongly implied that DF is using new tactics here.
- The light of the Aero Prism is probably what makes Seth/DF flip out and transform; I don't really think the transformation itself is why he screams.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 3, '08, 10:05 am 
I agree that Seth was a DF from the the moment we saw him. His lines about how strong the group is are just too odd for him to not be. I think the main source of debate around Seth is if he was originally a real person before we see him or if the entire Seth persona was invented by Dark Force. There's no real way to answer that one.

Seth screams in response to the light before his transformation actually begins. Most likely, the aero-prism itself triggered his "turn" into Dark Force, rather than Seth/DF deciding to start a fight at that point. The crystal's whole point is to reveal hidden things, and you can't get much more hidden than cramming that giant DF into a human sized body.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 3, '08, 5:12 pm 
Demi is my choice.

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