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PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, '13, 8:05 am 
An idea for SNORB : as he is always taking Hugh as a scapegoat, why not trying the same with Hahn ? AS Alys is already playing games on him during all the first part of PS IV , why not ??? :lol:
But ATLIN, you're right : he is the first to be with a beautiful woman at the beginning of the the end, the turn is for Chaz ! :)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, '13, 2:50 pm 
augmentedfourth wrote:I don't remember if I ever posted in this thread before, and I'm too lazy to look, but the answer never changes: Alis Landale. I'll echo what previous posters have said about the series having strong female characters (which, alas, is a rarity). I'm glad six-year-old me didn't know that PS was sort of in the minority in that its lead was 1) female, 2) fully-clothed, and 3) not relegated to a "support" or "healer" or "damsel in distress" role. It certainly didn't stop me from running around with my neighbors, waving my "sword" (tree branch) in the air.

While I only agree partly that Phantasy Star have strong female characters, I agree that the tendency of having women characters that are relegated to support, damsel in distress or what we call here in Brazil as "doormat women", is a big letdown on most of games (both Japanese and western). Just to explain the "doormat women" term, is the woman that regardless of the strong and independent demeanor, their sole existence is to serve (either sexually or by sacrifice) the main character, usually a loathsome and egocentrical jerk.

That is why characters from Phantasy Star like Alis, Anna or Nei (or even Nagisa from Portable 2: Infinity) shine.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, '13, 5:01 pm 
Yes, the Phantasy star Girl characters shine you're right : Alisa was one of the first lead female character in any video games created thus far ! this period that was so great to have a girl leading a bunch of legendary warriors for an adventure so memorable (didn't know at the beginning taht the game was going to be so WAHHHHHHHHH !).

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