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PostPosted: Sat Dec 4, '10, 9:14 pm 
I usually go with Rudo, Amy and Kain. I'm currently playing thru PS2 now, I'm gonna try Rudo, Anna and Kain this time round and see how it goes. I actually thought of using Hugh for a change, then I laughed and immediately skipped that idea. :D

PostPosted: Mon Dec 6, '10, 8:42 am 
Well... Rudo's the only one who's always been with the party. I've finished the game using each character, except Hugh. I tried to make use of him last run, but his techs just stink.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 6, '10, 8:27 pm 
Normally its Eusis(Rolf), Nei, Amy, and Shir for most part of the game for me, then when Nei dies I replace her with Anna. Now that I've seen this topic I need to pick back up on my recent PSII playthrough.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 8, '10, 8:57 am 
I've changed my mind, I'm going to complete PSII the hard way. :)
Rolf, Hugh, Shir and not sure about the last person.
1. Amy: Weak but her healing powers would make it easier.
2. Kain: I can't really say he's a weak character, but not as strong as I would like him to be.
3. Anna: I never really used her much, she is fast, but I always thought she was weak.
4. Rudo: Definitely out as he's always in my group.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 8, '10, 9:33 am 
Go with Anna PS, and just use her whips instead of her slashers if you want a challenge.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 8, '10, 9:50 am 
True, I'll give it a go, thanks Kaloes. :)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, '10, 12:09 am 
Anna is an awful character at the end of the game. Problem is she's so darn good at shredding monsters on Dezo that she's hoovered all the levels you would like to have on a better character. Kain and Amy are very strong; Amy's offense is no better than Shir's until level 33, but her healing ability cuts out all the time you spend spamming those Gires items. In my estimation, the toughest team is: Hugh, Shir, Anna.

My team: Rudo, Kain, SARI.

PostPosted: Tue May 24, '11, 2:46 am 
I've only played through once, but I used Rudo, Anna, and Amy pretty much exclusively through the end of the game. I just found Rudo pretty indispensable, same with Amy. Anna was the weak link, and she definitely could have been replaced, but I guess I liked the potential for screen-wide damage. I guess I also just didn't really care for magic end-game, except for defensive magic.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 2, '11, 1:52 pm 
I remember watching older relatives play this game when I was 8 and I didn't really understand it but thought it was neat. When I was 11 or so I spent a lot of time trying to beat it and it was a challenge! As for the party I used it was the usual Rolf, Rudo, Amy, and Anna setup usually, but did other playthroughs with Kain, Hugh (loved SaVol :twisted: ), and even Shir. Amy and Rudo were consistent.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 26, '11, 2:54 am 
The only real must have character is Rudo. He's the best Tank, and he does good damage against everything. The other characters aren't so clear cut. But this is how I rank them.

Kain - He's probably the best third option, because his techs take out those high defense Machines, and they also seem to work on all enemies in the last dungeon as well as Dark Force and Mother Brain

Anna - She's awesome anytime there are more than 1 of an enemy, which means she's weak against the last bosses, but considering they are 5 minutes out of a 20 hour game, it's hard not to use Anna.

Amy - I used think that she was a must have character, because she makes the bosses easier, but the fact is you are dragging her around the entire game to get to that point. She has a lot of nice support spells, but she's completely replaceable by items. Especially If you dupe Star Mists.

Shir - She has the highest agility, which makes her the best item user. This is one character that will definately act before enemies so you want her to use the Snow Crown, or use a trimate on a character close to death. Unfortunately she has to attack with items as well, because her weapon selection sucks, and she doesn't get any good spells until you get to at least level 33. Actually she has a good spell selection, but she gets all of them a little too late. Gires at 30? come on, Amy gets it level 6. On the plus side since you are using items to attack you can give her 2 shield, and she will be a Tank.

Hugh just sucks. Once the Dams open up he's useless. Technically you can play him the same way as Shir, since you get 2 storm gears, but since he's isn't as fast, he will be worse at it.

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