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Do you think Rolf should be with Amy or Shir?
Amy 50%  50%  [ 8 ]
Shir 50%  50%  [ 8 ]
Total votes : 16
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 1, '10, 4:49 am 
Maybe Rolf just survived the fight, went back to Lutz and killed him for sending him to do his dirty work and getting him almost stranded on the Noah.

Oh sure, you can't come back to rest now.. go kill hundreds of thousands of innocent earthmen. Oh and Lutz can't bother to revive any dead people like he did Rolf. Some great telemental!

Probably to cover up that he sent Rolf to fight the wrong DF. The 1000 year one was busy beating up Ohario and Anna who had no nei weapons.

So Rolf became the 2nd generation Lutz and never had kids.

This Rune doesn't force Chaz to do the dirty work of Lutz and has more common sense than Lutz.

Now how is that for a wild theory?

PostPosted: Thu Apr 1, '10, 11:21 am 
I lol'd after reading this post, especially about Rudo and Kain, after that, I couldn't get the thought of Rolf and Rudo getting it on out of my head, Rudo would def be the guy and Rolf the girl. :D

PostPosted: Thu Apr 1, '10, 1:24 pm 
Man, Brokeback Motavia is hilarious :lol:

Maybe it is just me (is it just me?), but I see Anna as the best partner because I see her as a "White Fangs" character kind. That means she is "wild" because she needs to be so. Once she can find comfort and peace, she will settle down, being able to be a sweet and loving person.

But I don't think Shir would be a good pair at all, because of her nature. She is someone who loves the thrills of life, and Rolf is arguably the most responsible guy in the whole Algo system, so he would definitely not be the best match for her.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 12, '10, 9:55 pm 
I think, that Rolf must be with Anna and Amy with Rudo. As for Shir, I believe, that nobody from the main cast may be her boyfriend.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, '10, 1:50 am 
I pick Amy . . . not that I don't like Shir, but I think Amy has a better upside (being a doctor) to her.

And on an unrelated note . . . MrKite, one word can describe that Alys avatar you have . . . . Schwing!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, '10, 2:37 am 
Ultimate AI wrote:I think, that Rolf must be with Anna and Amy with Rudo. As for Shir, I believe, that nobody from the main cast may be her boyfriend.

I like you already. :up:

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, '10, 1:32 am 
Shir probably HAD everyone from the main cast...

She stole virginities like she stole items? Hahaha.

Like the wind my *.

Brokeback Motavia...

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '12, 6:43 pm 
If Rolf had to choose between Shir and Amy I'd like to see him with Shir. It would be a troublesome relationship since you guys already mentioned that both are very different. But on the other hand, it would also be an exciting and intense love story.
However, I totally agree with tilinelson2, Anna is by far the better partner for Rolf. Since both of the have a similar tragic background I think they could find comfort and affection for each other. And by the way I like Anna more than Shir and Amy.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, '12, 9:40 am 
I wonder if Rolf will even have time for love. First of all we'll never really know if they survived at all. Of course they survived, because I say so, but we've never seen it. But with MB being "decommissioned" Algol is thrown into disarray and Motavia will slowly die. We know that some countermeasures were taken in keeping the environmental systems online as they still work in PSIV. I bet Rolf was involved in the startup of that process which would leave him little time to do anything else. It would probably also part him from Amy. With all the destruction and havoc going around I'm sure capable doctors were needed at every town on Motavia and I don't think Amy would let anything, even love, stop her from helping out others in need.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, '12, 4:14 pm 
Before speaking about love or friendship or other things, just between Shir and Amy, I always prefered Amy but I don't know really why ! Maybe the fer to be robbed myself ? lol ;)

Between the two for Rolf, I don't think he would have time for that, like Fogeltje already said.
For me the eight warriors have survived their encounter versus the earthmen ? Hard to tell but something to speak about (maybe a fan fiction tried to plan that ? I don't know all of them !).
FOGELTE : I like your explanation about doctors ! :)

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