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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, '08, 8:38 am 
I was refering to your first post, instead of Wren you put Rune. Heh.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, '08, 2:33 pm 
hugues wrote:I guess it might make more sense to take Anna instead of Amy because once you get the "gires items" you don't need Amy around as much.

Valid point. When I played PSII for the first time, I wasn't aware some items could be used for effects. I took Amy along because I needed the healing. The second time I played I ditched Amy because the Gires items were doing all the healing for me and I took up Anna because of the nice attack.

Usually my final party (for Noah) is: Rolf, Rudo, Anna and Kain.

For getting the Nei items I exchanged Kain for Hugh once, but generally I go with Kain, because he can carry cannons to a degree which is simply more effective than Laconian Maces.

For my new game I plan to level all my characters up decently and try a 'weak' party to defeat Dark Force and Motherbrain. My plan for that is to take Amy and Shir along and probably Hugh, though I also want to try an 'all girl' party once.

For PSIV, my final character on the Edge is usually Kyra, simply because I like her. She is not as good as Raja with healing but efficient enough for my purposes and I like her attack, it makes a nice combo with Wren's Vulcan cannons, usually defeating most enemies on the screen before they can attack.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, '08, 2:39 pm 
Kaloes wrote:(Unless you do a crazy glitch on the genesis version where you get to keep Nei even after her death but then you're stuck with whoever you had when you went to the climcontrol but thats another story.)

Might I ask what glitch you are referring to? I thought there was no way (without hacking states) to keep Nei alive after the Neifirst battle.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, '08, 4:25 pm 
theres a crazy glitch i tested out on my genesis collection version abusing the savestate command, after nei loses the fight with neifirst theres a tiny glitch that can trick the game, sorta. during the second battle with neifirst bring nei back, then you have to make sure nei takes no serious damage in the whole battle. so basically your whole mission for the battle is to not let nei get hit so if she does just load a savestate you made. i know this works on genesis collection but not sure if it works on any other versions

SparkyIII wrote:I was refering to your first post, instead of Wren you put Rune. Heh.

oh I didn't know what you were talkin about. I thought you were asking how to get the 2 runes >_< well anyways now you know.. *goes edit the first post*

Fogeltje wrote: though I also want to try an 'all girl' party once.

*beats Fogeltje up* My party ^_^

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, '08, 7:40 pm 
I usually take Raja in PSIV, for the healing and St. Fire. Sometimes I'll take Demi or one of the others instead, but usually Raja.

For PSII, I like to change it up a little each time I play. Sometimes I take Rudo, sometimes Kain. Amy gets brought along a lot.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, '08, 5:25 pm 
PSII has several phases. Rudo is always present because he really is too good not to (boo game balance).

Rolf, Nei, Rudo, Amy
then after Neifirst
Rolf, Rudo, Amy, Kain
then after Dams
Rolf, Rudo, Kain, Shir

It's worth noting that Anna's attack is moot as she'll be using the Gires-item almost every round. And if you use Shir's Ryuka and Hinas, you can free up Rolf's TP for healing and nuking.

PSIV: Gryz, because taking anyone else makes it too easy (and I love Motavians!). I dislike taking Demi because having a second android makes Rika's heals terribly inefficient =\

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, '08, 5:28 pm 
Fogeltje wrote:
hugues wrote:For my new game I plan to level all my characters up decently and try a 'weak' party to defeat Dark Force and Motherbrain. My plan for that is to take Amy and Shir along and probably Hugh, though I also want to try an 'all girl' party once.

First of all, I think Shir is pretty strong. I guess you mean in terms of weapons and armor? Also, Amy/Shir/Hugh qualifies as an all-girl party in my eyes!

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, '08, 6:17 pm 
Shir's a decent jack of all trades. She can do almost anything, except revive and group-heal. Plus having high agility and being able to steal is a plus as well. The problem is that she gets screwed in terms of TP, plus you have to level her a lot to reach her full potential. That and Rolf does pretty much the same thing only a lot better.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, '08, 9:22 pm 
The disadvantage of Shir is her lack of offensive weapons. But I must also confess that I'm still thinking from reference to when I played the game for the very first time. I didn't know some items could be used for special properties, so Shir, with her lack of normal attacks and her relatively low amount of TP simply wasn't of much use. I use her more often now, with two emels/sleeves she has a very strong defense and her agility is getting higher making her an excellent person to use items like Snow Crowns or Colorscarfs.

I tried a new approach for the dams. In my very first playthough I used Rudo, Anna and Amy. This was pretty much my party for the whole rest of the game, Kain, Hugh and Shir were sidetracked. Shir was only used for getting the Visiphone after my brother accidently discovered that. Without Gires items, Amy was highly needed, Rudo provided a big punch and I liked Anna's slashers.

The second time I substituted Amy for Kain, since I found out Kain can handle guns to a degree which I found better than dual Laco Maces, a Laco/Shield combo or dual shields.

Now I decide to rotate the party. I started the Green Dam pretty conventional, Rudo, Amy and Kain. Amy was needed since I hadn't had any Gires items yet and Rudo and Kain were supposed to pack a punch, but I quickly equipped Kain with two shields, which I had taken along just in case. He was taking too much of a beating. For the Blue Dam, I substituted Amy with Anna. I went "all offense" on the sea and rivers but Kain switched back to shields inside the dam. Once I found his Stormgear, he used that. In the Yellow dam I took Rudo, Hugh and Shir. Shir was using her Windscarf as attack and I gave Hugh Kain's Stormgear as a manner of attack. By then, Rolf was the only person without Gires item. For the Red Dam I finally picked my "all girl" outfit. For the first time I left Rudo at home, to sulk with Kain and Hugh and took Amy, Anna and Shir. Amy and Shir go all defense, Amy uses Kain's Stormgear. Anna goes dual slasher. Combined with the Gires items, the Red Dam didn't prove much of a challenge. I want to try out this party on Dezo. It will be a whole new experience to fight without Rudo but I think I will take him back in the near future. Once he can better guns, he simply becomes a powerhouse.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 1, '08, 2:10 am 
Yeah, I'm glad that Shir got a huge boost to her Laconium Daggers in Generation 2. I hate the fact she's stuck with Laser Knives for offense for the entire game in the original.

I used the fairly common Rolf/Rudo/Amy/Anna party for the final part of my first playthrough. Kain did get some use at the dams, and I leveled Shir for the Visiphone. (Even though in the Sega Genesis Collection version you can save whenever you want even before getting it.) Hugh saw no action at all.

I went with Raja of course just to how easy it was. Maybe I'll try the four-character final battle if I do another playthrough sometime.

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