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PostPosted: Tue Oct 5, '10, 12:40 pm 
Nei, because she was the original and completely unexpected. As she was from a different race, I expected she would be a key character late in the story. That was so shocking, you have a character (and she was pretty good at the time, very strong and usually the first to hit).

On the other hand, Alys is one of the blandest characters ever. She stops being funny after the third time she opens her mouth because he keeps repeating the same babbling over and over. Then, she was meant as a copycat of Nei: two heroes at the beginning of the game, one with something strange about her levels... I knew she would most probably die after 3 minutes of playing. The absence of strong equipment for her later only confirmed that. Her death was a big letdown for me, not because I was shocked, but because that was just another gratuitous reference to other PS games and I started realizing the "fantastic PS team", which everybody praises, was there not to make a game, but a sell-out product.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 5, '10, 3:25 pm 
As tragic and emotional as Alys' death scene was, Nei appealed to me much more, both as a character and a party member.

The story and reasons behind Nei's death also seemed less rushed. In PSIV, there's one specific attack that permanently kills characters (and which only one enemy uses), but which can be protected from with some random wand, which also happens to nullify barriers? Nah...

PostPosted: Tue Oct 5, '10, 8:44 pm 
I knew within minutes of playing PSIV that Alys would die or leave the party somehow. Two heroes? Nope, just doesn't happen in JP RPGs of the time. Alys was older and used slicers; Chaz used swords. Alys was a goner. So, I never built up any sort of attachment to her character. Plus, she was abrasive and unlikable until it was finally revealed that she actually did nice things, like help her neighbors.

Nei was tormented for who she was. She was the hunted rather than the hunter. She joined Rolf because she loved him, not because it was a paid job. Her life ended with her calling herself a "mistake." Tragic.

As far as skills go, I probably missed Alys the most.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 5, '10, 8:48 pm 
I had the strangest feeling too that Alys wouldn't be around for long... and PS4 was my first RPG that I played. It was just... one of those things. It's a pity we never got to see that gentle side to her... then again, her toughness may have been a facade...

We'll never know.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 8, '13, 11:51 pm 
Alys, hands down! Nei did make me sad, but I survived somehow. Besides, it's kinda justified when we get Rika in PSIV - AND we can also revive Nei in one of the latest versions of PSII.

Alys's tragedy destroyed me completely! I kinda knew it was coming, but I did not want it to happen, as I thought she was a very strong and beautiful character and I really liked her original personality (at the time, it was pretty original - most JRPG heroines have a more mary-sueish personality) and her weapons were really cool! If I ever make an OC, he/she will use slashers.

On the tragedy: it was strong, unexpected and drawn out. You get to feel her pain and the shock when she's hit by Zio's attack, you want to save her and get your hopes up when you get the Psycho-Wand, but then she dies, leaving a hole in your already traumatized heart! And then most people cry a river. Alys is an ideal to how to be strong AND kind. God, those haters do not understand - not now, not ever!

All I wanna say is she's something unique and I am happy to play PSIV because she's in it.
The tragedy hurts, but oddly enough it does not feel so agressive as modern tragedies do... Sorry for extremely long post.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, '13, 10:41 pm 
THE REVIVER : No ! On the contrary, Long posts are great ! I wish I had more time to write so long post but halas I'm in lack of time to do so :(
I miss the most Nei as she is one of the best female characters ever created in a video game... :fiery:

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, '13, 7:48 pm 
Nei. I just don't like the plotline or many of the characters in general in PSIV.

The plotline of PSII was much more mature.

PSIV was full of clichés. Most of the characters' personalities in PSIV were bland, most events were predictable, and it read like a poorly written fanfiction IMO. The story even felt like it got in the way of the gameplay, a lot of times.

Nei was much more likable, and her death (And life) was generally sadder. It would be nice if Nei got more dialogue in PSII.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, '13, 9:45 pm 
PSIV wasn't so full of clichés like a lot of people seems to think ! But it's true that PSII scenario's is far more developed :)

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, '13, 10:16 pm 
myau56 wrote:PSIV wasn't so full of clichés like a lot of people seems to think ! But it's vtrue that PSII scenario's is far more developed :)

Yeah, PSIV wasn't entirely clichéd... there are a couple obvious ones that really affect the story, like how Rune "Saw something special in Chaz all along". :?

I think the problem is more that it was a bit over-the-top, the plot was fairly bland and the characters aren't really that likable.

I agree, PSII is amazing :D!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, '13, 2:53 pm 
I'd say Alys, largely because she actually had far more attachments to the game world other than the main character. She had reputations, nicknames, embarrassing (not-so)secrets, past successes before she met Chaz, and so on. Nei, on the other hand, is a character whose seemingly only purpose for existing is to be a tragic figure in the context of that specific story.

I do appreciate PS II's story generally, (and might probably appreciate it more if the gameplay wasn't such a terrible slog) but while shocking, Nei's death isn't one of the more interesting points for me.

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