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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, '07, 8:49 pm 
We know what happens to Alys and Nei that makes them unavailable after a certain point in their respective games. For those of you out there who have played both games, which character did you miss having in your lineup the most? Which one had the more tragic or touching final scene?

For me, it's Alys on both counts. Aside from just feeling that she was more fully developed character, I liked her attacks and abilities more than Nei. There's also a stronger sense of finality in her scene than Nei's (hello, clone lab with a bad excuse :wave: ).

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, '07, 12:41 am 
I agree. It's Alys for me. When I play PSIV I wonder what could have been, as she seemed to have a romantic connection to Rune. And despite how stiffly she treated Chaz, she loved him enough to step in and take the Black Wave for him.

For me it really isn't a contest. Nei was great, as she added a whole new race to the PS series, but with the ability to talk in PSII being limited to only at Rolf's house, the character development just wasn't there for me.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, '07, 5:31 am 
I'd have to say Alys. I remember crying when Alys died. Then again, I was a little kid, so... ^^; My older brother was even like, "It's just a game." Still, there's the attachment! :x

When Nei passed on, it didn't phase me much. The effect just wasn't there for me, y'know? And, it may sound bad for me to say this, but replacing her was more than easy for me. :mrgreen:

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, '07, 8:03 am 
I'd have to say Alys for both. The music was sad and how Chaz took it was pretty hard. I normally never cry at anything in games, TV, etc. but this made me cry.

Nei's death hadn't really effected me at all. It was just a whatever kind of situation for me.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, '07, 1:33 am 
Yeah, Alys on both for me as well. Nei's scene wasn't that impressive. Like Komrade said, the development wasn't there. I couldn't form much of an attachment to her.

Alys on the other hand was much more of a driving force. Chaz is supposed to be the main hero of PS4, but early on he's just following Alys' lead. She's part mother, part teacher, part warrior... the game wouldn't be the same without her or the impact of her passing.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, '07, 9:02 am 
I would have to say Alys as well, even though I was sad when Nei died too.
PS2 was my very first PS game and I could only play it through renting the game. Sadly the Rental store closed down, and it would be many years since I would be able to play the game again. By then, PS4 was given to me and Alys' death bummed me out. When I played PS2 again, well, it sucked losing another character.

I do miss Alys though, I remember thinking that maybe there were ways to alter her outcome. hahaha no.

By the way, Hi, I am obviously new here. I am glad to find a PS community. :D

PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 8:34 pm 
Let's nudge this one up again, just to see if anyone else has an opinion to add.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 8:37 pm 
Alys, on the grounds that I don't know Nei and Alys' death was probably a lot more lingering and traumatic.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 10:55 pm 

PS2 greatly needed a second melee competent character and Nei was it.

As for emotional reach, I feel both were botched. PS2 wasn't credible, she dies no matter what you do because they if one dies, so does the other, yet, Neifirst lives to fight your party. Riiight.

Alys? Well, sorry Lyla, the character annoys me. This of course in no way makes me want her to die, but when she did, I felt it was gratuitous and failed to reach me. I trust that Lyla will make me see her under a different eye.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 11:06 pm 
Alys without hesitation. Because she's the best. She's an elite hunter!!!

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