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 Post subject: White XBox One and PS4 ?
PostPosted: Mon Aug 4, '14, 9:03 am 
So, there may soon be a white Xbox One and a white PS4 becoming available: ... 66559.html

What do you think of these new colors for these gaming systems and would you buy one?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 4, '14, 2:34 pm 
Well I already have an Xbox One, so I don't think I would get a white one, but I would be interested in getting a white PS4 someday, but I wouldn't want to have to buy Destiny with it.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '14, 10:27 pm 
I would usually prefer to buy a white console over a black one. I wouldn't rebuy a console just for the outer shell color, of course. But on a first purchase of a system, given two identical offers where the only difference is color, I'll go for the white. Or blue, if there's blue.

Not a big fan of bundles, though. It's fine when the bundled game has a wide appeal, but Microsoft's and Sony's historical choices of bundled titles does not impress me.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '14, 11:12 pm 
Give it time and I bet soon enough, PS4s will be bundled with The Last of Us Remastered. Did not take them long to have PS3 bundles with the original version.

And that would be a bundle worth getting.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '14, 11:17 pm 
They already have one. It's a Canada exclusive: ... announced/

PostPosted: Wed Aug 6, '14, 11:19 pm 
Uuuugh, exclusives. At least someone has that.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 7, '14, 5:35 am 
As a Canadian interested in purchasing The Last Of Us. Yay! But I already have a PS4 so no thanks. I also have Destiny pre-ordered so I won't be needing the white PS4. Though I do like how it looks.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, '14, 9:04 am 
So instead of making a new topic thought I would just post this here seeing as how it is related to colors of gaming systems, etc.

It Seems there is now a gold-plated Xbox One and a Playstation 4 and they may only cost somewhere around $13,000.00! Whew, I don't know about anyone else but that is just a little bit over my gaming money allotment. :wink: ... 00857.html

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 2:25 am 
Well, I got the Destiny bundle, and the white PS4 looks better than I thought it would. It doesn't look as bad next to all of my black consoles as I feared it would. :p

PostPosted: Sun Oct 5, '14, 2:40 am 
I also managed to get my hands on the Destiny bundle a few weeks ago, partially because owning nothing but black consoles/phones/etc. starts to get redundant after awhile. Actually, now that I think about it, it kind of reminds me of the Wii everytime I look at it :lol:

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