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 Post subject: Which race do you prefer?
PostPosted: Sat Oct 20, '07, 9:40 am 
Out of the various races for player characters in PSU, which do you prefer to play as? There's Casts, Beasts, Humans, Newmans... which suits your fancy, and why?

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, '07, 6:55 am 
Lol, PSU is a dead post, XDDDD

I love the newmans, they have a great regeneration in their weapons, and they have fun pointy ears, plus my favorite characters in the classic series were the numans. newmans. XDDDDDD

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 9, '08, 8:35 am 
I agree with SparkyIII. Numans are my favourite race probably because I like Rika and Nei I guess.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, '08, 1:02 am 
I've only played a human so far but I definitely enjoy playing that race. Guess it's because I always aim to be a diverse jack of all trades [redundancy purposely done here :D]

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