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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, '09, 3:31 am 
Okay this thread will contain spoilers. I have chosen not to cover over them like I normally would because this is a starting post and it would make it look very untidy. You’ve been warned!


Just like with the Nei and Rika thread. Which PSU Numan do you prefer? There is a fair few in this game too. But only 3 become playable characters. Playable include, Karen, Maya, Mirei (Divine Maiden) and unplayable is Lord Rutsu and Karen and Mirei’s Father. Personally I like Mirei the best :wink: I like her personality she is very caring and she is a very friendly and warm character. She only becomes playable in Chapter 7 unfortunately. Then she dies at the end of Chapter 7…I was like OH NO! its like Nei all over again. Then Karen takes her place as the Divine maiden but she’s not the same as Mirei she’s a totally different character she’s just wearing the same outfit, besides her hair is shorter :lol: . Well Mirei is my favourite PSU Numan who is yours? :)

Mirei Mikuna (The Original Divine Maiden)

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, '09, 7:51 pm 
No, Janice, not you. Talk about stir-crazy... (gah i forgot about alternate post color @.x)

Out of the few in-universe Newmen, I have to go with Maya all the way. She's just more entertaining than the others. XP But I do give Lord Rutsu credit for rousing my inner fangirl on first sight. And yeah, Mirei biting it kinda sucked. ._.; I guess I just liked her a bit more than Karen, I don't know.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, '09, 11:33 pm 
I'd also have to go with Maya. Her outfit seems very chic in the PSU universe and her personality was quite entertaining too

PostPosted: Sun May 23, '10, 4:14 am 
A tie between Karen and Maya.

Karen is a tough character, but also nice. I like characters like that, plus, her voices in both English and Japanese are very, very well done. Great actresses.

Maya is very fun, but also smart. I kinda have a soft spot for women like that.

PostPosted: Sun May 23, '10, 8:13 pm 
Since Karen and Mirei kinda merge into one being..

I never liked her. She was too stuck up but compared to Laia she's a angel.

I prefer Maya.. She's hilarious and and has glasses which show intelligence.

I go for Maya.

PostPosted: Mon May 24, '10, 3:54 am 
Karen and Mirei never merge into one being. If you're talking about her techniques being sealed, that was their father's doing. Stuck up? Karen was much more professional than most of the other guardians, only Leo being her equal in those terms.

When Ethan and Hyuga were her trainees, she HAD to tell them "do this and that". That's what training is supposed to be. She was clearly their superior. However, once they were no more trainees and instructor, Karen's attitude completely changed.

I can't see that as being stuck up. Or would a cutesy instructor would be more fitting?

And how do glasses show intelligence?

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