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PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, '15, 6:58 am 
Well now that Phantasy Star Generations II has been released, and English, I started playing it recently. It's a superb translation; it really is a marvelous job for a fan translation.

I'm having a bit of trouble in the game quest items, most notably would be the "strength potion" that you are supposed to get from a guy in Piata.

From what I read online, you girst are supposed to obtain a "golden stone" from aDezorian on Dezo in Aukuba. I spoke with everybody on the planet in every town, and yet I still don't receive this item to take this man.

From what I gather, the strength potion really increases your parties attack power, and I really need it. I am at the end of the game, with Eusis at level 80, the rest of the party in or around the levels of 55, with all of the best items you can buy or find any dungeon, and yet the enemies on Noah can still do some decent damage to me. I'm really tempted to say this game is harder than the original on Sega Genesis.

Has anyone else play this game and ran into this issue or have a remedy for the issue?
I really want the strength potion. Thanks.

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