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 Post subject: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 4:47 pm 
Anyone having played PSIV is probably familiar with the "instant deathables", techniques or magics (sometimes imbued on a weapon like the Genocyber Claw and the Elsydeon) that instantly kill an enemy if succesfully used. As far as I know, PSII doesn't have these. Sure, Hugh has Vol/Savol, but those techniques still deal damage, albeit enough to kill any regular enemy (I think).

So I was just walking around Noah, grinding levels with Rolf, Rudo, Shir and Hugh and encountered a Desrona, one of those glowing sword thingies. It's not the toughest form. Not much of a problem. Last round into the fight it suddenly used a special attack...and Rudo, full health level 28, was dead. No damage was dealth, apparently this special attack can kill outright.

Does anyone have more example of this? I'm quite miffed as this is the second time in one day that I have to leave Esper Mansion to do stuff. First I got poisoned and realized I have no one with "Anti" in my party. And not antidotes. And those are only sold on Motavia >< So I had to fly home, then fight my way to Skure to Aukba (I think) and back through the crevice. Now I could teleport back to town as Lutz doesn't resurrect people, ARGH! He could save Rolf from a spaceship crash without physically being there, he can transport your party to Noah, he can send the rest to confront the Earthmen, he can heal my entire party, but he can't cure them of poison or resurrect them? ARGH! What's up with that! Oh well, back through the crevice again *sigh*.

PS: waiting for another entertaining dialogue from Snorb :D

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 7:06 pm 
Anna: (has an X bandage on her head because she's poisoned) Ugh, I can't believe we left Amy back home. Not one of us knows how to manifest Anti?
Rolf: Nope. I'm kinda more of a swordsman and launching fireballs and lightning bolts guy.
Shir: I like wind Techs, not healing Techs. Sorry! x_X
Hugh: (is busy getting his bioelectric field fatally disrupted by a Desrona)
Kain: (shoots the Desrona)
Rolf: So how are we going to heal you, Anna?
Shir: Ooh! Ooh! I can go "fetch" some antidote, if you know what I mean! XD
Rolf: All right. Just be careful, okay?
Anna: And watch out when you're getting through the Crevice.
Shir: Oh, shush, I'll be fine, guys! Smell ya later! XD (she manifests Hinas)
Rolf: See? You're in good hands, Anna.
Anna: Somehow I doubt that.

Shir: (Ryukas back to Skure Spaceport, hops on the spaceship, flies back to Paseo, and goes back to Rolf's house) Tee-hee. I'm totally putting this ship on eBaya. XD

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 8:58 pm 
Briljant as always :D

I continued playing and shortly after returning to Noah, after cloning Rudo, Rolf levels. Guess what tech? REVER o.O

I should have kept walking and Vol'ed the living * out of Noah, a few fights and I Rolf could have resurrected Rudo saving me the trip to town. Of course guess who died in the next confrontation with a Desrona? Rolf >_<

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 9:26 pm 
I've never encountered instant death from an enemy before, oddly enough. Were you playing a romhack, or was this the original cartridge (Or on one of the collections PS2 is on?)

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 9:58 pm 
It was a "regular ROM", no modifications. I haven't hooked up my MegaDrive in a while (and right now it's buried in box beneath more boxes), so I can't verify it there.

In retrospect, I think the blade uses Vol. I said "no damage is dealt", but I only now realise you never see how much damage an enemy deals to you, you just see your HP go down. Well in this case HP went from 229 to 0. So I'm guessing the Desrona's have Vol. Good thing they don't have Savol o.O

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 10:19 pm 
I always thought enemies had their own unique techniques, I never thought they could use ones the player has access to.

That'd be interesting research to do, figure out what other enemies might have techs the player does.

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, '14, 10:49 pm 
Some foes have Res, for instance those ape thingies in Skure can heal themselves for 20HP.

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, '14, 4:48 am 
I sure like it when they do it. Wasted turn of theirs is less damage done to me.

 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, '14, 2:47 am 
There are a few creatures in PS2 with insta-kill attacks; they just use them so rarely you can go a whole game and never be insta-killed. In addition to Desrona, the Fanbite and one of the bunnies or monkeys (I forget which) on Dezo can kill you instantly. Also, one of the monkeys has the ability to deplete all of your technique points instantly.

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 Post subject: Re: Instant death
PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '17, 12:54 pm 
I've never been too fond of those instant death, especially Magic ones : as often it's HIGHLY innefective... (or I'm not a lucky guy at all lol ;) )
But the pieces of weapon that can deliver instant death are great as it's not you who have to decide when to use it ! ;)

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