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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, '10, 4:29 pm 
To show the community my thanks for their continuous, wonderful support in my quest to remake PS4, I am going to start a thread which chronicles how my fan game began in the first place. By hacking into the original PS4 and making it fully playable with Alys as the main character. This happened during the summer(southern hemisphere) of 2008. Some of the battle images will be edits of course. :) Chapters 1-8 are the same as the original PS4.
It also features my early sprite work (not the greatest back then).
It all began like this... Note: All the images were assembled by me in Paint Shop Pro 8. Inspired by Kaloes' fan-fic.

Chapter 9 - The Black Blood.

Zio, having rendered Alys unconcious by a mysterious spell, advances on the group, while Rika frantically tried to revive the fallen Hunter. Chaz was scared out of wits by now, and looked back, pure terror in his eyes of the thought of losing his mentor...

(Group confronts and fights Zio, but...without Alys, Chaz is struck full-force by the Black-Energy Wave, and the group retreats to the outskirts of Mile. Rika frantically tried to cure Chaz's wound with the Gires tech, and meanwhile, Alys confronted Hahn after regaining consciousness.)

He only had grim news...

Mentor and student exchanged painful last goodbyes... then...


End of chapter 9.

These chapters will be fairly brief. I have to cover several chapters, after all and it's not a piece of fanfiction. Though I do have some censored pieces of writing which involve Alys and Rune. :wink:

Chapter 10 - Shattered life to follow tomorrow.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, '10, 5:05 pm 
I hope I don't sound like a jerk, but you're using "hacked" in a kind of unusual way, I think. Since you said some images were photoshopped that makes sense. Or maybe I'm just behind on the terminology and this type of thing is normal.

If you actually hacked the rom to that extent then I've got a heckuva lot of questions for you... but I'm guessing, since you said you don't know anything about RPGMXP scripting in the topic for your fangame (which looks awesome), that you haven't actually modified the rom. I'm also pretty sure several of the colours in your images can't be reproduced on a Megadrive.

Anyway, the images look swell. If you actually know how to change PS4 event scripts any information you can provide would allow for some wicked rom hacks.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, '10, 6:36 pm 
I may know nothing of RGSS, but yes, I have managed to hack into a PS4 Rom with HexWorkshop. It was easy, since I had all the offsets on hand, and could just edit it to my fancy.
But I don't know how to change the actual script itself. I haven't changed the core script, if that is what you're trying to find out. I know for certain that there aren't any PS4 Rom modifiers out there. But hey, I'm just doing this for fun and yes, I doubt the Megadrive could support 16 mil. colours back in 1993. Those images have been edited. :wink:

The actual battles did take place though... The screens were only rendered after I took the screenshots ( pixelly and all..)


Hope that clears up things.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, '10, 8:47 am 
Lyla2284 wrote:It was easy, since I had all the offsets on hand, and could just edit it to my fancy.

What exactly does this mean? Are you talking about the ROM, or a savestate?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '10, 5:44 pm 
A save state, seeing as Roms are too hard to edit, though I am teaching myself how to ROM hack. It's a self-taught hobby, from what I hear.

Since I'm so depressed right now (I'm listening to some really heart-wrenching music), I'm going to post images of Chapter 10 - Shattered Life.

No comments, as the images speak for themselves...







:( :cry:

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