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PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, '09, 11:05 pm 
Like most RPGs, the Phantasy Star games are filled with all sorts of different monsters you have to overcome to finish the game. Some of them have origins that are explained pretty well. Most bosses aren't much of a mystery, for instance. Phantasy Star II and IV explain the monsters on Motavia pretty well.

Some of the other enemies don't get such detailed explanations. Phantasy Star I didn't have big machines churning out critters out like II and IV. Phantasy Star III has some enemies under the control of Siren or Lune, and presumably created by those guys, but that doesn't explain the monster presence in Landen or Aridia before the passages between the domes were unsealed. Where do you think some of these enemies came from?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, '09, 5:50 am 
in PS1 there is somewhat of an explaination for each of the many monsters. some are simply native creatures, some are zombies brought back from the dead presumably by evil. some are minions of Lassic, robotic police, etc.

in PS3... remnants of the war perhaps?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, '09, 8:31 am 
I just like to think of the biological monsters in most RPGs as part of that locations wildlife. Although of course in the Phantasy Star games their origins are explained. Also with games like Yoshi's Island many of the creatures you encounter are native to Yoshi's Island with the expection of the Shy-Guys who are Magi Koopa's minions.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, '09, 3:02 pm 
I agree with Lucas. :yes: I just see the biomonsters on the worlds maps in PSIV as being part of the wildlife, maybe genetically enhanced/altered. They seem to lend good explanation to that. It's always nice to know the origins of the things you're fighting.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, '09, 11:13 pm 
(Machine Plant, just before Phantasy Star II)

Scientist: Ahahahaaa! With these upgrades, LaShiec's old Polezi robots will be ten times better than ever! I am genius!
Kain: Err, ya' sure this'n a good idea?
Scientist: Are you crazy!? It's you doubting Thomases with your stupid ethical questions that get in the way of SCIENCE! and its many advances! This is a BRILLIANT idea! Hit the button, will ya, Kain!?
Kain: *boop*
Robots: (start building more robots, and spread across Motavia and Dezolis)
Scientist: Oops.
Kain: Well, 'could be worse. Least there's no monsters or anythin' roamin' around Motavia.
Scientist: ...You're fired.

(meanwhile, at the Biosystems Lab...)

Biologist: With these genetically engineered monsters, all of Algo will have food stock for aeons to come!
Hugh: Most of them are insect or fungus-based. I doubt they'd make very good eating.
Amy: If they're supposed to be docile, then why did you design them with claws and poisons?
Biologist: Why must you moral doctors get in the way of scientific advances! Claws and poisons make the hunt for food more exciting! Amelia, Hugh, throw the levers!
Amy and Hugh: ... *ka-THUNK*
Biomonsters: (start breeding and run rampant across Motavia and Dezolis)
Amy: You made it worse! ;_;
Hugh: These were supposed to feed Palmans, not feed ON them!
Biologist: Well, at least there's no rampant machines to add to the problem.

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