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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, '08, 4:03 pm 
Post where you are in the current game you are playing. Put full details such as where you are, what you just did, your characters names (if renamed characters include them), stats, money, equipment *power upgrades if the game has them* and hell even throw in a item list with how many items you have in stock *example: Heal Berry x99* if you want to. I'll be editing my post later with all the information I'll be giving since I'm at work now but I'm currently playing Wild Arms 3 right now. I just defeated Asgard and got the Kizam Fire. A more detailed explanation will be given later on in the day.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, '08, 11:30 pm 
All right, here's what I've got so far for the old space 4X RPG, IronSeed!

Where am I: Currently orbiting Edaum Primus early in the game, made contact with the Scavengers and the Titarians. Non-linear space games = fun! ^_^x

Crew Status:
Serine Delin, Ship Psychometrist: Level 5 (XP 16523)
Bekor Emthera, Chief Engineer: Level 5 (XP 14535)
Amrin Locke, Ship Sciences: Level 5 (XP 16173)
Gremor Wolfe, Chief of Security: Level 6 (XP 21463)
Jorgan Immortan, Astrogation Officer: Level 5 (XP 15559)
Paulina Harofin, Chief Medical Officer: Level 5 (XP 12361)

Ship Stats: Hull 950/950, Fuel 474/600, Battery 32000/32000, Cargo Bay 4466/20000, Acceleration 323 m/sec/sec
Installed Weapons: Dirk (Gun Node 1), Dirk (Gun Node 8)
Today's Date: Third of Fifteen-Month, 3993 AD

Not gonna bore you with what's sitting in the ship's cargo hold, because that's just nerdy.

Explanations: There are ten major races in the game- the Aard, D'Phak, Ermigen, the Guild, Phaedor Moch, Quai Pa'Loi, Sengzhac, Scavengers, Titarians, and the Void Dwellers. You need to meet all of them before the plot can move on with you meeting the Icon, which might or might not be God. (And yes, I typed all those names from memory.)

The crew members themselves are pregenerated from a pool of four to five each- you pick one for each officer and hope they stay sane. Unlike conventional RPGs, the crew in IronSeed gains experience from constantly performing Research, or analyzing artifacts.

Experience doesn't boost the crew's stats, it just lets you build more stuff, from planet-mining machines to ship improvements, to weapons. Six 20th level crewmembers (along with one hell of a tech tree) let you build the most powerful weapon in the game, the Moebius Cannon, which I'll describe just as the game does: "Matter that exists in threespace greatly dislikes being crammed into twospace. This machine does it anyway."

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, '08, 8:56 pm 
In Paper Mario, I'm about halfway into chapter 5 I believe. I just got the entrance to the volcano near the Yoshi village opened up.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, '08, 2:57 am 
Haha sweet post.
So far in Phantasy Star Universe I'm up to Chapter 7: Sealing Photons. It is also very hard as you would expect from most phantasy star games :p . Currently in chpater 7 I've defeated the mid boss the OnmaGhog several times. But once you beat him there is no save points for ages and I usually die in the mean time from Kamatouz they are very hard enemies. One day I'll get it though I know I will. :wink:

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, '08, 2:19 am 
I just finished Rykros in PS IV again. ;)

I love that scene when the spirit in the Strength Tower says, "They come and they come, but they're all sissies." Hilarious.

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