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 Post subject: When did he become aware?
PostPosted: Mon Nov 3, '08, 4:08 pm 
How long do you think that Rune knew that he would be chosen to be the next Lutz?
Rune drops hints during the trek through Dezolis, we know that much, but at what point did he know his true role? Did he know from the moment Alys and party met him in Molcum? Could it be that his role as Lutz came into play when he traveled with Dorin to Ladea tower?

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 3, '08, 11:37 pm 
I think he definitely knew about it before the game started. He seemed to know too much about Zio, more than an ordinary traveler would know. Plus, people on Dezoris knew he was Lutz. I don't think he had time to take a trip there and back during the time he was off going to Ladea.

I wonder if Dorin knew Rune was Lutz? He seemed to know quite a few things others wouldn't.

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