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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, '07, 6:10 pm 
This sounds like an interesting title for a post thread. Many of us often wonder just whatever happened to..... so and so .... that we used to know or see in then news headlines all the time, or something along those lines.

So, does anyone ever wonder just whatever happened to .... The Dell Dude guy? Remember him? He was the commercial spokesperson for Dell Computers a few years ago, and really brought that company a lot of sales, recognition, etc. He was in a few Christmas commercials, as I recall, and they were very funny. I think he wound up in some trouble and got fired from Dell, but he sure has been missed. It made me think about The Dell Dude this morning when I read the following article on Dell Computers and how they are "suffering" to some extent. Anyone have any good, or bad, experiences with Dell? It sure sounds like they could use The Dell Dude's help again! ... a-dud.aspx

So, anyone know just whatever happened to ..... The Dell Dude ?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, '07, 10:54 pm 
The last I heard, he was in trouble for something related to doing drugs. Dell fired him over it. I haven't heard anything else about him in a long time.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, '07, 3:58 am 
Yeah, I remember the trouble he had with drugs. Well, I decided to do what it is I always do when I want to find out something - I did a google search, lol. I found him listed on the Wikipedia site, with pic, and found that he seems to be doing quite well. His real name is Ben Curtis, and he is originally from Tennessee.

He also seems to have a video game connection, of sorts. According to Wikipedia, he was hired in 2004 by a company in Florida to help in a marketing campaign for Gameznflix an internet video game and movie rental service.

He seems to have gotten himself straightened out following the drug arrest and recently has worked as a waiter in a restaurant in NY it seems.

He will always be "The Dell Dude" to me. I think Dell should get him back. :yes:

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