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PostPosted: Mon Jan 7, '08, 5:04 am 
Which game in the series do you think has the best cast of overall characters? This can include villains and supporting characters or just the main heroes, which ever you wish.

For a main cast, I like Phantasy Star I's group the most. While the other games had a good set of people, I think PSI had the most varied group, aside from perhaps PSIV. Everyone in PSI comes from a different walk of life, which can't be said for the other games.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 1:50 am 
I cant really say, PS2 has some really dull parts, and I've only gotten to the part where you find the letter in the first dungeon! XD
PS3 isn't very character developed. Just fun to play around in.
PS4 has good moments, and bad ones.

But I like PS4 best of all, because it includes lots of the villan enemies, where in PS3 its a little foggy to me, and PS2, I wouldn't have a clue. XD

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