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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, '08, 10:27 pm 
In Phantasy Star II long after the events with Neifirst the game decides to take a different direction that it did and decides to get more historical. Such as you learn more about the previous game and most likely to fill in the eighth slot for the group since Nei is gone that Rolf and the group found Alis in a chryonic chamber or whatever much like Lutz was, floating in a ship in space and then she joined the team. To me that would be kinda weird but at the same time I'd be like hrmmm as well..

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, '08, 7:49 am 
It would have been nice to have a little exploration on Palma and see how that planet had changed. Motavia was so different than in PSI that I can scarcely imagine what we might have seen on Palma. I'm not sure about Alis joining, though. I think she would have overshadowed Rolf too much, making it more her story than his. Still, some more connection to Algo's past would have been good. Lutz was so upset about the people forgetting about Alis in favor of Mother Brain. That would have been a good angle to play up, having the group go around and remind people of Alis and Algo's history.

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, '08, 7:38 am 
I think it would have been good to explore Palma in PSII, just to see how much the planet had changed over 1,000 years because Motavia changed a lot as we see. :)

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