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PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 10:01 pm 
Tanith wrote: Anything that's remotely cartoony would go bye-bye, like the Governor loving his cake...


But then we don't get the cake shop in PSIV! Or the cake quest in PSO!

I actually hate the cake quest in PSO, as it's basically running through my least favorite level for a piddly reward, but the ONLY thing that saves that quest is that some of the cake shop dialogue is taken from the previous games. I'm a sucker for a good reference.

edit: I forgot to add that I'm in the same camp as those who would have saved Palma in PSII. I was so mad when that planet blew up, I loved it. *sniffle*

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 10:16 pm 
PSI: Besides a translation that's a little more... coherent, I'd say add the Collabo Crystals from the remake into the game.

PSII: Needs more intra-party dialogue. And it needs some gratuitous random Amy fanservice, but I suppose there's the internets for that. =p And yes, Hugh needs better chestplates, Kain needs better guns (why can't he use the Nei Shot?), Shir's "best" daggers and Tech scaling need fixing. It just wouldn't be PSII if you got rid of the swords and maces, Tanith.

And it needs combo skills between the party members, but I digress.

Mieu: Explaining what needs fixing with Phantasy Star III: The Successors of Time is going to take a while, because everything went wrong with it. But it's okay. I'm here to help. I'm here to bring closure. So let's jump in, shall we? NUMBER ONE: EVERYTHING.

PSIV: 86 the Skills. I really didn't see a purpose for them besides differently-flavored Techs.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 11:28 pm 
Snorb wrote:It just wouldn't be PSII if you got rid of the swords and maces, Tanith.

Ah, but I'm not suggesting removing the weapons altogether, I just want them to be specifically high-tech. Make all swords, knives, daggers, whips, maces and claws light/laser weapons. I have no idea what a laser mace would look like, but I'm sure it'd be cool. I even changed the ceramic sword to a carbon-ceramic hilt with a particle beam blade in a somewhat recent fic because I just couldn't write Rolf using a traditional sword in the Biosystems Lab and keep a straight face. Rudo's bow gun would also not be a giant piece of crap if I were to remake PSII. (And yes, it'd be some kind of laser weapon as well. I mean, a bow gun? Seriously?)

Edited: Oops. I just realized I was only supposed to pick one thing to change about each game. Hehe. Um, let's see:

PSI: Odin's stats
PSII: Laconian daggers
PSIII: Add Ryuka
PSIV: change Zio (less of an overt DF goon and more of a surprise, like Neifirst)

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, '10, 9:16 am 

I request topic merge? And don`t worry MarcyElvis, the board is getting bigger so duplicate topics are bound to occur. =3

As for me, right now I suppose it would be the walking speed in PSII and PSIII. Actually, I suppose the PSII doesn't bother me that much for what I played but for PSIII, it really bugged me. And what I played of PSIII was epic. So I can only assume that I'd actually beat PSIII then.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, '10, 1:44 am 
You know, after a bout of insomnia where I was thinking about all sorts of things, I changed my mind - there is one thing I'd change about PSI. I'd make the battles conclude like those of the rest of the series and get rid of the treasure chests. I was a vaguely neurotic child who grew into a slightly more neurotic adult and, 20 years later, the trapped chests still make me jump off my couch.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, '10, 2:05 am 
Atlinsmere wrote:I request topic merge? And don`t worry MarcyElvis, the board is getting bigger so duplicate topics are bound to occur. =3

Generally duplicate topics aren't a big deal (after nearly four years of forum activity, it's to be expected), but in this case I have merged the posts into an older thread that was very similar. The thread you linked as a somewhat different tangent on the idea, Atlin, so I'm going to leave it separate. At least for for now.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, '10, 5:22 am 
Alright, well, it's to be expected. Has it been almost four years already. (wow... just wow...)

Also, I thought of another thing I would change. I would have liked to play The Return of Alis, as we all know was scrapped. Afterall it was planned to have 3D dungeons which would have been fun.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 4, '11, 4:09 am 
PS1: Better localisation, include the kick butt FM music

PS2: Improve the interface, reduce the grinding (keep the enemies HARD but increase meseta and exp), faster walk speed, add a Dezorian character, have new characters start at the average level of your party instead of 1

PS3: Remaking it with a console and a development timeline that could do justice to its ambition. Maybe then I wouldn't wish I was playing FF4 or Lunar every time I fire it up. It feels sparse and repetitive when I play it, which sucks given that the game had so many cool ideas.

PS4: Harder dungeons, indifferent about the rest of the low difficulty. Aside from the dungeon, I wouldn't say it's THAT easy for a naive first-time player. I'd definitely replace the second Igglanova with a better boss. It's insultingly easy with a 4-man party and titanium equipment.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, '11, 4:44 pm 
That second Igglanova was a bit of a pushover, wasn't it? I think it was included mostly to provide strength to the story connection between the Academy and Zema. It may not have been necessary, but fighting the same boss in both places helps to cement the relationship between the Academy's monster problem and the origins in Birth Valley.

PostPosted: Mon May 23, '11, 11:55 pm 
For I and II I'd definitely like some kind of way to keep up with the hellish dungeons. I understand the rationale behind the whole labyrinthine thing, but it gets tedious when almost every dungeon makes you want to pull your hair out. Other than that the first two games are pretty much perfect for me, except the aforementioned targeting system.

III is the one that could really shine with the right overhaul, in my opinion. It has a really interesting world and setting, and of course the generation thing is fantastic. If the enemy sprites were just made a little less goofy it would help a lot. The battle system in general just felt clunky.

IV was pretty much perfect. I can't think of anything I'd seriously want to change. If III's battle system were streamlined a little (maybe in line with IV) and its story were fleshed out and made clearer it would be fantastic.

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