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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, '07, 12:26 am 
Yeah, I was thinking that they'd be higher than level 1. But as Tsunami points out, characters can catch up pretty fast even on level 1!

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, '07, 6:08 pm 
Quote:Well, the main problem is taking all the party selections into account. There's not a whole lot of memory to work with on a 6-meg cartridge.

I don't think it would have taken up that much more space, would it? I mean, we're probably only talking about a few extra lines of dialog and maybe one more treasure chest per character.

Some characters from places other than Motavia would have been cool. All the new characters should join with their level set just a little below Rolf's. I hate leveling characters from level 1 late in a game.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, '07, 11:41 pm 
Overall though, it does stink to get late-game characters that are horrendously under-leveled. You have to be willing to put in a lot of time to raise them, and instead most people just end up never using them, like some of the characters in the Fire Emblem series.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, '07, 6:00 am 
:yes: I almost never use late game characters that start at low levels. I don't mind grinding, but going from level 1 to 30 is not something I want to do after I'm halfway through a game

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, '10, 4:04 pm 
PSI - I would change absolutely nothing. I love this game so much, it hurts sometimes.

PSII - The level of grinding required, especially at the very beginning and towards the end of the game, is ridiculous. Not being able to complete the first dungeon without being slaughtered until you're around level 8 definitely turned me off to the game for quite some time. Wandering around the dungeons of Dezo for hours waiting for Rolf to finally learn Megid? Not all that fun.

PSIII - Oy. Where do I begin? I have such a love/hate relationship with this game, it had so much potential and a lot of cool ideas, but the execution...well, we all know what happened there. I'll keep my list short:
- Make the techniques (other than the healing techs) actually useful
- Better character development, especially for the women you can marry and the 3rd generation
- Better sprites. The character portraits in this game are among my favorites, but the sprites are so, so bad.

PSIV - I do love this game and think it did a fantastic job of wrapping up the original series. That said, my one major nitpick about the game is how it's so linear. The non-linear aspect was one of my favorite things about PSI (do I want to go get the Laconian Axe? maybe I'll get the Aeroprism first!), and in PSIV, you have to complete everything in order (with the execption of the side quests). It's not a major issue, it just takes away a tiny bit of realism for me.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, '10, 6:56 pm 
I´d rename Phantasy Star 4 as Final Fantasy 6.5 :p

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 8:24 pm 
PS 1: Not much to change. This is still an amazing game, and it is more clear than ever how superior the SMS hardware was to the NES. The only way it could be better is to be even longer - more towns on Dezoris, for instance.

PS 2: It would have been cool if they finished it! The original plan was to have full backgrounds, not a blue grid, and 3d dungeons. I'm fine with the dungeons the way they are, that's PS2, but the battle backgrounds would surely have been so beautiful. It would have been cool to go to Palm, too, instead of it just being destroyed.

Unlike most people, I actually like the grind for levels. That's part of the game experience for me. I've gotten Nei to level 50 before Climatrol (fighting Blastoids), and everyone in my PS 1 party to level 30 (mainly on Sandworms and Fishmen).

PS 3: Well... everything could be a bit more fleshed out. You can tell this one was made by a different team. The monsters are odd (though I welcome the first appearance of Rappys) and not varied enough. The worlds aren't really very large or exciting, so maybe more towns and a more Phantasy Star-like feel to the towns would be cool (what's with the medieval theme?).

PS 4: I agree it's a bit too linear. I actually have played this the least of all the games... probably about time to go back and give it another go.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 9:24 pm 
PS1: Pretty much everything, I still like it but i'm sticking to the remake even if I don't understand japanese.

PS2: Same as above.

PS3: My favourite PS, I loved the music, story and character design. I'd add battlers and more animations to the fights and change the awful music. I'd put more variation into the last generation, they were all the same.

PS4: My 2nd favourite, nice graphics and music, fast combat, Hahn is pretty awesome. Like others, I agree that it was too linear.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 9:28 pm 
PS1: Nothing, the game is near perfect in my eyes.

PS2: The speed of the game, the walking pace is brutally slow and it takes longer than it should for battles to load up. Also I hated how you couldn't go to Palma.

PS3: Battle animations, the battle scenes were such a step backwards from PS2.

PS4: The only thing I would add is a difficulty setting, my one and only complaint of the game is that it is too easy for the most part.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 27, '10, 9:34 pm 
PSI- I would change Alis's and Odin's stats to make them fit their characters better. I would make the dungeons less boring. I would remove all of the medieval fantasy and make it strictly sci-fi. The battle animations would be faster. Anything that's remotely cartoony would go bye-bye, like the Governor loving his cake, and Hapsby wouldn't look like something ripped from The Jetsons. Motavia's landscape would not include cacti.

PSII- Definitely give the battles real backgrounds. Fix the Laconian Daggers. Let Kain equip a better gun. Let Hugh equip better armor. Let Rudo have the highest defense. Give Anna a few more techs and let Shir gain her techs a bit sooner. No medieval weaponry. Palma would not explode, but would still suffer from a cataclysmic event. I might get rid of Lutz because he just annoys me in general. Rolf could receive info about the Nei weapons from Lutz's successor, or maybe drag in Rykros since Rolf should have been able to see the planet at that time.

PSIII- Um, everything? It would take place on a devastated Palma rather than a world ship. I think that about covers a total overhaul.

PSIV- Eh, I'd make Alys lighten up a bit at the beginning. The entire thing would look and feel less cartoony. Gryz would be a more interesting character. I might make it a bit longer.

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