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PostPosted: Thu Jun 6, '13, 2:59 am 
And now I just beat Skyrim's main quest. I found the final boss to be a little too easy. But still, great game! Now dunno what to play....

PostPosted: Thu Jun 6, '13, 5:49 am 
I just beat Little Nemo: Dream Master the other night. Very stoked about that, I always wanted to finish it when I was a kid.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, '13, 5:49 pm 
Finally got myself a no-continue run of Siter Skain's Kamui. It was quite the adventure.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 4, '13, 3:01 pm 
My boyfriend and I finished Saints Row 2 last night, or at least all the main missions. Of course, as an open world game, there are a TON of completionist things to take on if we want to, and of course, it's a great game for just messing around. We'll soon be taking on Saints Row The Third...and of course, Saints Row 4 is coming out at the very end of this month. We're behind the curve...

I found the Brotherhood's mission arc, the first one we finished, to be the most fun.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 4, '13, 2:37 am 
Finally completed Valis IV for the Turbo CD, which means I've finally finished at least one of every entry in the series.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 4, '13, 12:17 pm 
The last game I beat was Gunstar Heroes on PS3/PSN. I've been taking a gaming break since then, and I've been watching some anime.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, '13, 3:59 am 
Credits are rolling for Jak & Daxter on the HD PS3 collection as I type this. It was a decent game, but I found the lack of character development and the collect-a-thon to be a bit...tired. Still good, but I'm probably not going back to it for 100%.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 26, '13, 1:44 am 
I finally finished the Mass Effect series the other night. (I started from the beginning back in February or so, but hey, stuff gets in the way.) I've mostly recovered emotionally.

Mostly. *twitch/sniffle*

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, '13, 4:50 am 
I just got the Mass Effect trilogy for PS3, so that's now on my gaming radar, as it were. Sounds like it was good, A4!

I just (finally) finished 3D Dot Game Heroes. Definitely a weird mix of retro and new. And fun, if quite challenging in some spots and not always in fair ways. I think, for the season, it's a good time for a replay of Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare now.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, '13, 12:54 am 
Biggest thing I remember about the Mass Effect series was that it rendered me completely incapable of playing less intelligent games for a couple months...

I just beat Saints Row 3 and 4 a couple weeks ago. The latter feels quite a bit more polished gameplay-wise, the plot gives reality and the fourth wall an obscene gesture, and I found being able to effectively fly across the game city without a vehicle to be so much fun that I completely forgot about driving around for part of my playthrough. I couldn't help but notice that most of the DLC from 3 was available in 4, and that it's pretty easy to import a 4 character into Saints Row 3 without paying for the DLC you might've equipped.

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