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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, '15, 2:59 am 
TDG wrote:(I can't write Na-zi connected? It is not like I am promoting their ideology or something)

Hi TDG. The word you mentioned above is fine when used in a historical sense as you have done in your post above. However, the word is on the censor list here as sometimes it may be used in an insulting or inflammatory sense also. But your post is fine. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me or one of the other Moderators. Thanks!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, '15, 3:41 am 
Wolfenstein is one of those I need to get around to some day. I haven't even played any of the Doom games. Well, I played Doom 64 for like five minutes, loved it, but for some reason have never owned it.

The last game I beat was Final Fantasy Adventure. Really cool to see where the Secret of Mana franchise came from. Almost all the enemy sprites are recognizable. The bosses are really cool, too. The soundtrack is also nice.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 8, '15, 3:39 am 
Finished Touch My Katamari on my Vita today. I certainly didn't go for completion, but I finished each level and replayed a few. I enjoy Katamari, but replay value for me isn't too high. But it's still fun. I still think the best Katamari game is We Love Katamari, the second one released for PS2.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, '15, 4:10 am 
Today I finished The Last of Us Remastered. Does it say something when the best AAA title out on a current gen console is a remastered version of a game from the previous generation? It should.

The game benefits for sure from the remastering. The better textures, lighting and models are readily apparent. So is the higher framerate. And then there's photo mode (of which my first use was capturing a screenshot of the brutal, graphic bloater kill scene). This is not a lazy port, and you can read about the challenges Naughty Dog had bringing the game to PS4 from the original PS3 version. Despite this being my 4th time in a year beating this game, there are still scenes that get me in some way. The end of the prologue still makes my eyes water, as does the death of Sam and Henry. The torture scene in the winter chapter at the Lakeside Resort still makes me cringe. And the end. I still can't find easy answers to the questions the game, and the end in the particular, raise about humanity, morality and issues like that. There is no good or evil in this game. Even the character who comes closest to actually being a bad guy (especially in his final scene) is sympathetic when you stop and consider his situation. I still can't call either Joel or the Fireflies the bad guys when it comes right down to it. There's no black or white. It's all grey.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 21, '15, 2:27 am 
Well, finally got around to both buying and beating Shovel Knight. The game isn't so much an 8-Bit platformer as it is every good NES platformer

PostPosted: Sat Feb 21, '15, 5:15 am 
Last week, I finally, finally beat Dragon Warrior I.

I mean, hell, I was using the Game Boy Color version and I had maps of the overworld and the scant dungeons, but let's be fair: If you were one of the many many people who got the game as part of Nintendo Power's nice little giveaway back in 1991ish where Enix massively overproduced the cart and had to do SOMETHING to get rid of their backstock of it, you also got an Explorer's Handbook (a mini strategy guide for the game, I still have mine) and a poster map of Alefgard which had a complete bestiary on the backside (tragically, I don't have this anymore. Harumph.) so no accusations of cheatery abound.

Sentimental value for me because this is one of the first NES games I've ever owned. (Not as much sentimental value as Super Mario Bros. 3, but I've spoken about why SMB3 means so much to me in another thread.)

But hey, I finally did it last week. After 25 years, Princess Lora has been safely returned to Tantegel Castle, and the Dragonlord lies dead, his power over Alefgard shattered. Kyle, the descendant of Erdrick the Great, sets forth with Lora to discover new lands, and forge a new kingdom.

...And that's when I realize, "Oh, Christ, there's still Dragon Warrior II, III, IV, VIII, and IX to go through!" (Dragon Warrior V I'm not really digging, VI I might start over again and make better choices with vocation selection, and I have never played Dragon Warrior VII and considering how utterly scarce it is these days, I sincerely doubt I ever will.)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, '15, 3:10 am 
Awesome. I started playing it years ago and loved it, but the battery was apparently dead in my cart and I couldn't continue. It's the one NES game I'm intending to battery-swap as soon as I can. I really enjoyed it from what little I played.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, '15, 9:54 pm 
So, apparently TOSEC had preserved the PC-88 versions of Ys I & II for posterity, the earliest version of the game(s?) in question. I think you know where this is headed.

PC-88 Ys I is still very recognizably Ys I, though a few of the experience values are lower, and the Darm Tower bosses (except Dark Fact) are harder than in pretty much any other later iteration. I don't lose to Khonsclard very often, but when I do, it's on the PC-88.

PC-88 Ys II... It got some much needed fixes in later remakes, because the first half is pretty awful. The monster rewards don't scale well to the necessary grinding, and there is a lot of it, to the point where I realized that to get where I wanted to be level-wise, the quickest way would be to kill four thousand monsters in Jira's Basement rather than hunt down the rather sparse monsters found in where I actually was supposed to be grinding (it took about an hour to beat all four thousand). Once you get to Solomon Shrine, rewards become sane, and it's not too onerous to progress. Soundtrack is still really good.

With that checked off my list, there's only one version of Ys I & II that I haven't yet beaten, and that's...

The Saturn version?

Well, that's not gonna happen soon.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 2, '15, 12:17 am 
"Arcana Heart 3:LOVE MAX!!!!!" with Clarice.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 11, '15, 6:39 am 
I finally beat Far Cry 3 this evening, after sinking in a good 2.5 hours straight into it after dinner. The last couple missions were challenging, but not overly so. It did also seem to end a bit suddenly, but I kind of liked the the natives basically ultimately betray and blackmail Jason to try to get him to stay on the island. However, whether you stay or finish what you originally set out to do is player determined.

It was a good game. I liked the very strong and interesting characters. Even the side characters, like a man who helps you during the last third or so, is interesting. And of course, the main villain for the first half or so, Vaas, is entertaining in his psychotic nature. But the strongest character was the player character, Jason Brody. He had an arc through the game, and had to change and adapt into his new role (and ultimately accept or reject it). His arc was strengthened by the fact that the game never leaves his first person perspective.

Gameplay wise, it was everything it needed to be. The gunplay worked very well, though the game does force you to take a stealth approach (I don't know if you could really beat the game without a sniper rifle fitted with a silencer). Jason cannot take bullets very well, but in a way, I liked that - added some realism. The sandbox invited but did not require much exploration, at least not much beyond doing enough hunting to craft the equipment upgrades. But for me, exploring was a blast, especially afer acquiring the wingsuit. I also found that I had crafted all the new equipment within the first third of the game, and still had 7 or 8 missions to go by the time I finished the skill tree - though to be fair, I did a lot of side activities and hunted down a lot of the collectibles. I don't know if this was intended or not, but in a way, I liked that you had time to play around with your maximum powered character. In this game, the story and the gameplay inform each other deeply.

If you like shooters, play it. If you don't like shooters, don't write it off and at least give it a try.

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