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PostPosted: Thu Oct 6, '11, 5:48 am 
You know, the songs that send a chill down your spine, or make your flesh crawl, or even give you nightmares. One of my personal picks would have to be "Remote Viewing" by Tangerine Dream, mainly because of the 2 minute intro.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 6, '11, 6:08 am 
"UFO" by ESG is one off the top of my head.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, '11, 4:29 am 
Anything by the band Wolf Eyes. A few years ago AP Magazine had a short article about scary songs and they listed Wolf Eyes as the number one, I was so curious about it that I had to get a CD. Most of their music is noise compiled into songs, like something you would hear in a Silent Hill game.
This Halloween I will probably play the CD for trick or treaters :twisted:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, '11, 8:08 am 
Can't say it's a song but the music comes from the Earthbound game. It made my heart skip a beat in fear after hearing it to begin with. Mostly due to the very low growling pitches then how the high pitch jumps out at you. Gives off a very uneasy feeling. Imagine being locked in a dark room by yourself and having this music play.

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