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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, '07, 4:14 pm 
When playing through the games, what's the oddest or most off the wall thing you've encountered? It could be something meant to be in the game or a bug.

Mine has to be the time I was playing around with editing saves for PSIV and an emulator and wound up with a buggy item. There's a page about it in the PSIV section of the site.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, '07, 5:31 pm 
Well, it isn't a bug, but odd translation. When I played PSIII in russian translation in the end of Aron's quest instead of "This is the
London Communications Center" there was "This is the Moscow Communication Center" :) I was slightly shocked :D

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, '07, 11:03 pm 
Really? Moscow Comm Center... That's one I hadn't heard of before. I guess you can never tell what translators are going to stick in a game. :lol:

I once saw some of the cats in PS4 do a weird thing. There are so many of them in there that sometimes they can try to move onto the same spot. This one time, it looked like one of them was climbing onto the back of another. :o

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 12:53 am 
From browsing this site, I'd say the Mile item bug that Thoul ran into is the strangest. Barring that, from messing with a save-state file and putting characters in the party when you shouldn't have them, I put Wren and Seth in the party in the Piata basement in PSIV, and after they kill the Igglanova, they all just walk to the left through the walls into oblivion, never letting you regain control of them.

Same thing happens at Zelan if you have the wrong people with you. Then there's editing five of the same character in the party. They share the same stats. If one's hit, they all take damage. It's a superhighway to death when a group attack is used on them!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 2:21 am 
Huh, that walking off thing does sound pretty strange. I guess most bosses would be nearly impossible with five of the same character. I can just imagine the kind of damage Lashiec would do. :sweat:

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 9:17 pm 
I once saw on a website something strange. It's apparently possible to play through PSII with Rolf alone after the Climatrol. If you don't visit the second town (the bombed one), your companions won't show up. Visiting the second town triggers Rudo stopping by your house. Don't visit the town, he won't show, neither will the rest.

Using cheats it's possible to finish the game. With the Earthmen, Lutz transports all the other characters to you even though you never met them. I ponder trying that once, but I must figure out how to use Game Genie codes first.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 10:10 pm 
I bet that would be a hard game, especially in the boss battles. I guess it would require a lot of leveling up, in addition to the cheats. Could be fun, though!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 10:24 pm 
With lots of patience, one might level up sufficiently but it'd still have to be done without a visiphone, saving along the way would be impossible. And fighting alone, even at level 50, I doubt it could be done without cheats.

As far as I recall, the maker of that site used cheats himself. Unfortunately I can't find the site in my bookmarks anymore, I guess it's one of the defunct ones I recently deleted.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 1:34 am 
I actually tried the Solo Rolf challenge once. With the items that cast the Techs he doesn't know, (mainly the Snow Crown) he's able to do it. I can't remember what level I beat it on, but it was MUCH lower than you would think! It was about 37, I think. Maybe even before Megid. I also still have a GBA save where I beat the game with just using Rudo! He's on Level 39. With the right strategies, that game isn't nearly as hard as I first thought!

But speaking of weird, I forgot all about a couple of cheats for PSII! This first one is a Game Genie code I created to start a new game with all the characters. Just continue going to the house and they'll all show up one after the other!

Save-State address: edit EA7F to 07.
Pro Action Replay code: FFC606:0007
Game Genie code: A8FA-AACW

The Game Genie code only seems to work BEFORE you press the button to start a new game, so turn it on at the title screen just to be safe!

Here's a second one that was created by Miraglyth over on the boards at Use it after you finish Climatrol!

Save State Hack: Address: EA82, Value: 0001
Patch Code: FFC60A:0001

This last is the same as above, but for the GBA (Phantasy Star Collection), also by Miraglyth.

Memory Hack: Address: 020039F4, Value: 01
Codebreaker: 320039F4 0001

I bet Fogeltje will love the Nei codes. Those codes are the strangest thing I've seen in PSII. When I made the first code, I changed the wrong HEX offset and everyone that had a picture in the game would show up to the house and join! I had the Data Memory girl, the Omigosh Janitor, and the Jet Scooter in my party.... but it totally crashed as soon as I went into battle! Funny stuff.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 3:20 am 
The weirdest thing I've seen was in PSIV, where you could walk on the roof of Reshel's Inn after the town was rebuilt. You can also walk around the black part of Elysdeon's cave through the wall after passing through a certain spot.

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