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PostPosted: Sun Apr 1, '07, 11:01 pm 
When playing the PS games, what was the highest level you ever got your characters up to? If you don't remember exactly, that's fine. I don't either. :P Estimates are good, too.

In PSI, I think the highest I reach was around 20. I don't recall at all for PSII. PSIII's level system is weird... I think I got to 20 or 30 in the first generation, I'm not sure about the others. For PSIV, I got around 40-50. Did anyone here ever manage to hit 99 there?

PostPosted: Mon Apr 2, '07, 2:33 pm 
In PSIV, I managed to solo Chaz up to level 96, but only so I could see if I could take on Re-Faze. Unfortunately, I can survive about 9 rounds before he fires Megid off before I can get my healing done. As far as 1 and 2 went, I always ended up a few levels short of the cap, like 27 in PSI, and mid-high 40's for my best team in PS2. For PS3, I'm pretty fuzzy, but I think 40s-50s for the cyborgs and some wierd level for my 3rd gen character. I got Rhys high leveled by the end of generation 1 just so I could have a full set of planar equipment for my cyborgs.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 3, '07, 8:43 pm 
I never went out of my way to level up beyond what was needed to finish the game in PS1 or 2. I might have been a little high, like 50 or 60 something in PS4. I had some trouble in the Air Castle, so I leveled a little for that. I also leveled Rhys a bit high to get some of that equipment at the end of his part, but I don't think I got all of it, so he was probably not that high a level.

PostPosted: Thu May 3, '07, 11:42 pm 
For PSI, level 26-27 for the party. In PSII, I don't remember too well, but I'm guessing around level 32-35, though one game I had levelled Rolf and whoever was in the party to 40. I kno that in PSIV, I levelled high enough to beat the game, which was somewhere in the 40-50 range.

As for PSIII, I always got Rhys to level 20, same with the next generation, and the highest I had with the 3rd generation, Aron in this case, was in his 30s while everyone else was in their late 60s.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 9, '07, 2:09 am 
Let's see.... I once maxed out PSI at Level 30. In PSII I got Rolf to 50 once, but nobody else above 45 except for a time I played through with only Amy and Anna and they ended up on 48 and 49! I only played through PSIII to the typical levels, like in the low 20s for the last generation main hero; can't remember they cyborgs for the life of me. PSIV I got close to maxing out the party to see what the Level 99 bug was like, but I only got Rika and Chaz? there before I decided I wanted no part of the bug!

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, '07, 9:11 pm 
My first time playing PSI I was maxed out before even finding the Air Castle since we were wandering around for ages, looking for clues. We were stuck for quite long after what it turns out missing two vital things. The first was the nature of those weird things in dungeons, the pit traps. I never tried Myau's trap (which I found quite useless). When I did it opened whole new possibilities. The other was not finding the Hovercraft. In the end, it turned out I forgot to use the 'yes' option with the guy in Casba so I could never find it.

The second time all characters were around level 23. Now I'm replaying and am lvl 25 and on my way to the aircastle. I'm pretty high level because I leveled up to lvl 13 and bought all the best equipment available (save Diamond Armour) to beat Saccubus which I finally managed. Then after getting Noah I first roamed Eppi Forest for hours earning two Diamond Armours. Those combined with the pretty high levels I had achieved made the rest of the game quite easy.

As for PSII, I never much beyond lvl 30 with Rolf, I never got Megid as far as I recall. With PSIV I was around level 50 with my regular party. I can't remember any PSIII stats.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 1:21 am 
Did anyone ever take a shortcut in PSI and go kill Medusa as soon as you get Noah? It took several loads, but the last time I played through I did that once Alys learned Rope, and tied her up until she died! Getting the Lac Axe there made the game very easy!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 10:30 am 
The first time I played PSI I had no other choice but to rope Medusa since I didn't have the Mirror Shield (since I hadn't found the Hovercraft). That yielded some very frustrating moments. Eventually Medusa gets free and kills Alis before she can recast.

First try, only Odin was left, Medusa had 18 HP. So if Odin strikes first (armed with a Laser Gun), he wins for sure. Of course Medusa hits first.

Second try, again Odin vs Medusa, but now she has 22 HP. Of course Odin attacks first but it makes no difference.

Third try, Noah vs Medusa, Medusa is on 3 HP and dodges Noah's first attack (he had exhausted all his magic), argh!

On the fourth it was again Noah and Medusa on 22 but amazingly Noah finishes her off with his wand. Only then did I realize I had no transer with was a long way back to Gothic.

I never tried Medusa right after getting Noah. Though in my current replay I could have tried it since my party was quite strong since I had leveled up and equipped to kill Saccubus and equipped Alis and Odin with Diamond Armours before even going to Gothic.

I must also say I hardly use the Lac Axe, I always use the Laser Gun, on average Odin simply does more damage with it.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, '07, 11:44 pm 
Yeah, that time through was the only time I used the Lac Axe, only because I hadn't even made it to the Heat Gun yet!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, '07, 8:41 am 
I usually skip the Heat Gun. You can get to Dezoris pretty soon after reaching Loar and get a Laser Gun. Usually it's not worth my money and I put up with Odin's weak attack with a Ceramic Sword or a Needle Gun.

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