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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, '09, 3:00 am 
What if the Pstar series had stayed on the Master System? Maybe out of respect for those who loved PStar 1 and couldn't affored a Mega Drive/Genesis.
Would've been interesting to see them try to continue the series, still working within the limits of the Master System.....and I do believe that the graphics of Pstar 1 have some good subtle qualities that Pstar 2 graphics don't (and even the next two games). Its funny....some may see it as backwards thinking, but its a nice thought...thinking of the cute graphic style of Pstar 1 being preserved.......I don't know what other people think, but sometimes I prefer it when sequels are done by the same artist and in the same style of artwork as the previous game....then it feels more like the story is continuing from where it left off.....the graphics of the 3 PS sequels didn't change that drastically from the original, compared to some games' sequels...
But games whose sequels take full advantage of the new graphical capabilities of the time and make it look so far ahead of it's prequels...that can ruin it for me....not that I would expect any different from game designers.......its just in my little ideal world, where I would like it if technology didn't improve at such a rate, so that sequels would be more like their originals.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, '09, 3:48 am 
Now that's an interesting idea. Another game with the same quality and feel of the original would have been very nice. As great as the later games are, they depart from the original in many ways. The graphic style is less colorful, the dungeon designs are very different... another game more similar to the first could have been another great success for the Master System.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, '09, 12:27 pm 
Reading that question has put some crazy images into my head now. Image if Phantasy Star II was done on the Master System and still contained the 3D maze dungeons from PS1 and because the dungeons are difficult enough from a bird’s eye view you’d seriously get lost. Either way it seems like a cool theory if the series was to continue on the Master System.

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