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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, '17, 6:54 pm 
In my opinion, I thought Phantasy Star III was a fairly fun game, even if it does have its flaws, there has to be atleast a single thing in the game like.

If Phantasy III was extended, what would you suggest be added to it? These would be my ideas:

Rhys' quest honestly seems long enough to me. If you suggest anything be added to it, feel free to share.

Nial's quest easily could be extended upon, and also a way to shorten it. When you get to Alair in Divisia, her instict is to fight Nial and the cyborgs. After you beat her, she apologises and goes to find Lune to try and get him to stop.

When you find Ryan in the Rebel Cave, he instead comes with the Snow gem, a removed gem from the original cave. This opens the Elysium-Aridia passage, saving backtracking through Landen. Perhaps you could get the Twins Ruby at the start of the third generation, but eitherway, this cave is exclusive to Nial and his children, like how the Aridia-Draconia passage is only for Ayn and his children.

I have some other ideas that I'll post later. Feel free to share your thoughts.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, '17, 3:47 am 
Probably the easiest answer is to make all the connecting caves accessible and map them out. More dungeon crawls would definitely draw things out.

In a perfect world (or at least if the system could have handled it, or if the game had come out later), there would have been more variety in the four grandsons' quests. Ayn's and Nial's quests were worlds apart, figuratively and literally...but then if you play as one of Ayn's sons, you basically have to do Nial's quest anyway. Said variety may not actually make the game longer, but it might make people want to replay it more.

And I don't know if this counts as extending the game, and goodness knows we've all talked about it for the past bajillion years, but some more character development would be nice. Especially for the aforementioned four grandsons. (I originally included Gwyn in that statement, and then remembered she got more development than a lot of other characters, so never mind. :p )

PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, '17, 11:56 am 
Nice ideas ! The main upcoming would have been to, like augmentedfourth was saying, to be ablee to visit all the caves that are closed ! And there are so many alas... :(

PostPosted: Sat Feb 3, '18, 1:38 pm 
First off, get a bigger cartridge. PSIII's hardware had the same storage capacity as PSII, and you didn't need to release it, like, only a year after Phantasy Star II.

Now that we have more room, even if you're not going to make the characters more developed, you can probably do more with the setting, like being able to find bits and pieces of the Alisia III's real history so the player can try to put things together before the game's big plot reveals.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, '18, 12:41 am 
I probably have the most negative opinion of this game out of everyone here, but here's a bullet list of stuff I'd change:

- Use the 3rd person perspective of II/IV as opposed to the first person view of III in battle.
- Use a far more sensible damage algorithm than what the game currently uses (I'm still trying to figure everything out about it, it's... stupid to say the least).
- Have unique town/dungeon designs so everything isn't copy/pasted.
- More sensible use of space. There's no reason for there to be as much dead space as there is in the game. All the dead space is what makes the slow walking speed seem to awful.
- Make attack magic actually relevant. Because it's terrible. There's no reason to ever use it over physical attacks.
- Fix the bug that makes it so you can use equipment spells in the menu - in addition to the bug that lets dead characters revive themselves with Rever in the menu.
- Fix the bug that's related to Gwen's technique growth table.
- Change the soundtrack to something more befitting of the Genesis. It doesn't have to replicate Phantasy Star IV, but let's use some synths instead of "fake-Symphonic" music. Honestly, I don't even like the sound driver Phantasy Star III uses very much.

As for stuff related to the plot, I'm not terribly pressed about it. I'd just make it so the secret dungeon in Technia isn't as stupid to find, you don't have to go through Castle Divisia's dungeon a billion different times, and Terminus is fleshed out a bit more. I always thought it was kind of dumb that it only exists for the final dungeon and nothing else.

re: Cartridge space

The Sega Genesis can do cartridges up to 4MB in size before needing to bankswitch, so that's the maximum size you could realistically work with. Only two Sega Genesis games exist that go beyond that - Super Street Fighter II and Pier Solar. SSFII is about 5MB in size and Pier Solar is 8MB. But from my understanding - in order to exceed the 4MB size limit, you'd have to implement the SSFII mapper and WHOO BOY I know nothing of how to do that. All I know from a lot of Sega homebrew guys is that doing so is not easy or fun.

As it stands now, Phantasy Star III uses about 728kb of ROM space, so there's another 3MB or so you could use. Also for what it's worth, there is a disassembly of Phantasy Star III out there so it's entirely possible to edit the game and do all of this, but you'd have to have a deep understanding of the Sega Genesis' hardware to do so. Messing around with assembly is not exactly easy - even moreso if you're not programmatically inclined.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '18, 12:48 pm 
I agree with the use of the 3rd person perspective for the fight sequences ! :) It's far better thaan the first person view... (for the first one it would have been so great too !.
And my dream is that all the four PS were with 3D style dunfgeons like in the first one...
But about the music I don't agree ! For me the soundtrack is fantastic, but it's just a matter of hearing I suppose ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '18, 7:19 pm 
Those are some great ideas you have posted above Hukos! :yes:

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