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PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, '12, 10:29 am 
No, it's sure that Wren in PSIII and PSIV aren't the same ! Their japanese names are different and there is no real link which can tied them together...:)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 24, '12, 4:49 pm 
Yes, but the translations screwed up more obvious things ;)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, '12, 12:40 pm 
You're right : translations are often (always !) very confusing for the fans...for me the "original ves=rsion" is the canonical one but I know that some people don't agree : hard to really tell !!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 7, '14, 3:00 pm 
Wasnt Wren a "type" of cyborg and not the actual name? I dont know anything about the timelines, never dove into it, but having Wren of both games be the same age would be just like having 2 of the same vehicles being produced.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '14, 12:34 pm 
Keep in mind that PSIII Wren was either around before the explosion of Palma and otherwise created on the Alisa III. PSIV Wren was created after the destruction of MoBrain I think. If PSIIIW was created before the explosion of Palma it could mean they are still both units of the same series but it's likely the design was altered. Of course they are most likely at least based on the same blueprints given their physical similarities and capabilities (both offensive cyborgs).

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, '14, 1:39 pm 
Are we going by the Japanese or American timeline here? It matters since there is some divergence in the timelines between the Japanese and American releases. Assuming I remember the dates right, here's the Japanese timeline:

AW/Space Century 384: Phantasy Star I
AW 1384: Phantasy Star II
AW 2384: Phantasy Star IV
AW 3384: Phantasy Star III

I think the exact date of PSII/Japan may not be 1000 years (900 and change) after PS1, but it's close enough for this discussion.

So in the Japanese timeline, the Orakio/Laya war would've taken place at the same time as PSIV, and PSIII took place 1000 years after PSIV.

Now in the American timeline, the dates are pretty much the same except that PSIII and PSIV took place at the same time, instead of PSIII taking place 1000 years after PSIV.

I'm not going to go off into a tangent about "translation purity" when it comes to the timelines. That's off-topic here. However, I think it's safe to say that both Wrens were, at least in the American timeline, probably built around the same time from similar blueprints. PSIV also demonstrated there were several different "Wren-type" 'bots in production, courtesy of some of the enemies encountered in techno dungeons -- i.e. Somethingwren286, Shiren386, and Bowren486.

In the Japanese timeline, PSIV Wren was probably built earlier than PSIII Wren.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, '14, 6:16 pm 
Since PSIII Wren can transform I think while they might be built in the same decade, they are different models. I don't know how old Wren in PSIII is supposed to be, but he had been around for a long time. The question is, is the vehicle mode something PSIII Wren expanded upon the original model or was PSIV Wren a "budget" model with the transformation mode removed?

PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, '14, 6:38 pm 
The two Wrens are similar type, different models, in all likelihood. That I agree with. "Wren" could be the general type of android/cyborg, but there would be varying subtypes/submodels.

I think the PSIII Wren is 900+ years old, and, if we go by the American timeline, puts him at roughly the same age as the PSIV Wren.

I don't think the PSIV Wren is a "budget" model at all... Just a model aimed at a different use. PSIII Wren was a smaller (in physical size) model with troop transportation capabilities. In combat, he seemed to be more geared towards rapid, though somewhat lighter, encounters. In terms of present-day gear, he'd be kind of like a heavily armed jeep/humvee sort of thing.

PSIV Wren, however, appears to be designed for technical maintenance and more "siege" weaponry (given his compatibility with Positron Bolt units). He's physically larger and therefore can use larger, more powerful, weapons, though doesn't have the same mobility -- hence the lack of transformation capabilities. He's more of a tank or mobile siege engine type than PSIII Wren.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 14, '17, 5:19 pm 
Wren from PSIII and Wren from PSIV aren't the same. PSIII Wren was originally called Shiren, while PSIV Wren was originally called Forren.

In Phantasy Star III, Miun and Siren collapse, even though Mieu and Wren can stay alive while doing more dangerous activities, so it's safe to presume Mieu and Wren will still work after the game.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, '17, 4:31 pm 
True that the two "Wrens" (who are not too Wren then !) are differents ! And yes they are gonna last longer : as for Miun, if she seems to be in a bad shape, its seems to be due to the Laya/Orakio wars from 1000 years ago.

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