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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, '10, 3:47 am 
I think Mieu continued to be a combat android, programmed to protect her master(s): Rhys's lineage. I believe she went on to kick butt when necessary and act as a bodyguard the rest of the time. Sorry, I don't project as much personality on Mieu as others do. I think she was more emotional than Wren, but that doesn't mean she felt things like longing, sentimentality or romantic love, etc.

Toyo Ozaki can draw her in all the candy cane outfits and wedding gowns she wants. I think Mieu is much more interesting as a tough killing machine with total loyalty to Rhys's family.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, '10, 8:42 am 
What size are these androids?
Remeber PS3 Wren could tranform 9Aircraft for instance) and take the whole party with him!
Or could he make Micronions out of his party?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, '10, 10:09 pm 
I think Wren has to make several trips to carry everyone. If you look at the pictures of his transformation, Wren usually has space for only one person to climb on. Unless everyone's sitting the lap of someone else, there's no way he could carry four people at once. So maybe he carries Sean to one place, then goes back for Kara, Laya, and Mieu.

Wren could be growing somehow, but the pictures don't suggest that to me.

PostPosted: Wed May 23, '12, 11:52 am 
lets see...
Miun: Where is Orakio, its been 1000 years-
miun dies when shown orakios sword.

mieu dies when rhys family line is wiped out. her programming shut her down.

a rumour suggests her body can be found in Ps iv but is unconfirmed.
her location is apparently inside the wreckage of a ship that looks like a meteor.

Been there didn't find her...
though her body (shut down from the crash) is found to the far left of the entrance, but would probably require a hack.

PostPosted: Wed May 23, '12, 10:11 pm 
Her body in Phantasy Star IV ?? I've never heard about it ! Where did you heard about it ?? Because I see very well where is the wreckage in the game and there is some ways that aren't practicable inside...maybe ? Far left of the entrance ? I'll try to take a look but I'm very pessimistic about it ;)

PostPosted: Thu May 24, '12, 9:16 am 
its only a rumour man. apparently you need a cheat device.
walk through walls...
apparently mieus body is found to the left. talk to it with demi, and she connects to mieus system. mieu gives a powerful attack to demi, then shuts down completly.
the game freezes if you talk to mieu with any other character.

i too, am pessimistic about it, but lack a cheat device so i cant check it myself.

i suffer from glitchshock, meaning i get scared, but also excited at bug discovery's.

PostPosted: Thu May 24, '12, 12:44 pm 
Yes a rumor but I've never heard of it so.... but thanks for your messages :)

PostPosted: Thu May 24, '12, 10:24 pm 
Ah thanks for the info too, MMXPERT : I'l try to investigate too one day (but no time...)

PostPosted: Fri May 25, '12, 6:25 am 
Thanks bro, a empty room? yes her body might have been removed, anything else. it would be awesome if mieu is more then a rumour. any clues lying around?
can you put a picture up?
just wondering, its hard to guess whats in the room...

i need to get over my glitchshock. i hear a lot of rumours, like infinite tree enemies. and a massive party glitch that gives infinite tp and hp

PostPosted: Fri May 25, '12, 10:30 am 
Yes there is a lot of rumors on many games and many of them are, of course, hoaxes but that's interesting to discuss about it !
Infinite TP and HP will be great (if this thing exist).

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