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PostPosted: Sat Nov 3, '07, 9:19 pm
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Battle in the Cave

In the valley, the group constantly fought ForceFlies.

"They just don't stop," Chaz said.

"Don't worry, I'll protect ya," Kyra assured.

"I am NOT, you're little brother!" Chaz yelled out.

The valley lead to a single cave. Rika looked around. "Something seems wrong." she said, confused.

"The guards!" Chaz said with wide eyes. "The guards are missing!"

Rika stared after dodging a stray wat spell. "They must be fighting!"

"Then let's join them" Chaz said. Quickly jumping in, he found himself surrounded by 5 Forceflies. "Yipe! AIRSLASH!" Seeing that a strong threat had entered, 50 more Force flies came. Kyra acted by casting Legeon, which resulted in both incinerating most of them, and also making Rika look for Rune.

"Rune? RUNE!"

"He taught me Legeon, Rika! Just in case this happened." Kyra explained. However, a few forceflies recognized this as a distraction. Firebolts flew at Rika and Kyra. However, Rika cast Deban and Kyra cast Warla, stopping the bulk of the spell.

Meanwhile, Chaz had just cast Nafoi while Wren used his Burstrockets. The result was Force Flies falling like flies. "You aren't the only one who learned something!" Chaz shouted. "Hahn taught me the Foi class!"

Suddenly, a loud voice was heard shouting "BOOST!" This was followed by normal shots of wat freezing 3 or 4 ForceFlies at a time! "I guess they already had an army," Chaz said with a grin.

However, There were still ForceFlies flying. In a final attack, they quickly fired all there bolts at Chaz's group and the Musk Cats, but Wren and Demi were quicker. "BARRIER" They activated the shields at the same time, but that only stopped a small portion of the bolts. The rest flew through hitting their targets. "That does it!" Chaz shouted angrily. "MEGID!" The final ForceFlies finally fell.
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