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PostPosted: Sat Nov 3, '07, 9:19 pm
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Recruiting Friends

After fighting a Giant MetaSlug formed by 4 Zol slugs, Chaz and Rika leave the cave north of Kadary. "Who would have known that 4 zol slugs could combine?" Chaz wondered aloud.

Rika wondered about that as she started up the Landale. "Maybe we should see Wren and Demi."

Chaz considered. "Okay, but let's go to Esper mansion next.



Rika's mouth hung open. Wren had just told her that the hole near Mile was reopening. "Hurry! Maybe we can catch him at the pass!" Chaz exclaimed.

Rika made a worried face. "Have you been uplinking to Zelan's videoes too much?"

After landing on Dezolis, the small group heads to Esper mansion in a new Hydro-Floater.

"Watch out for that Icewall!!!!!"

"Chaz, the Hydro-Floater has already been tested, and it works perfectly. Unless under heat strain" Wren assured Chaz as he pulled a lever, causing the machine to float over the Ice walls!

"It better be. Because what you call insurance hasn't been invented yet."


Later, after picking up Kyra and Raja, the growing group headed to Musk Cat valley.

"The Hydro-Floater is picking up heat temperatures. We will have to go on foot. I will send this back to Tyler."

"I don't know if I did like the storm or not" said Rika.

"Now why on Palma would you say that" said Kyra.

"Because without the ice walls, now the people might hurt the Muskcats" Rika pointed out.

"I thought the ice walls here were natural" Wren answered. Suddenly, the whole group felt a heat wave. Wren quickly turned around to shoot a forcefly. He soon found himself fighting 20.

"That must be why! The Profound Darkness must be trying to kill Myau and the other Muskcats!" Chaz said "Let's cast Blizzard! ZAN"

Kyra answered with a quick GiWat, but a ForceFly responded quicker with a FireBolt aimed at Chaz. "They know combos!?!?"

"No, they recognize them. My data shows we have used Blizzard 564 times on them, enough to figure it out. As you Palmans say, they're Numbskulls." Meanwhile, Rika finishes the rest with a Disrupt.

"Now let's save Myau!" She shouts.
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