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PostPosted: Tue Sep 2, '14, 11:16 pm 
So I'd like to toss this out there. Stealth, patience, and on the fly alteration of tactics. Why do I put this out there?

Playing The Last of Us last night. I get to a section in a dark room, full of clickers and a runner or two. Ny intended tactic is to grab the first one, and stealth kill it with a shiv. Unfortunately, jumped the gun...and suddenly had like six of the things on the top of me, as my intended target alerted all his buddies then promptly tried to kill me. Stealth is no longer an option, and I only survived because I still had the shiv master (i.e., escape clicker insta-death grapple by stabbing it in the neck) upgrade due to new game plus, and could survive a long series of clicker grapples with three full-durability shivs (total of 9 stabs).

So let's pretend I didn't have that. Would you all consider it skill in a case where stealth goes horribly wrong, altering your approach on the fly, and getting through it?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 3, '14, 1:38 am 
Hey Wolf Bird. Did you happen to catch Angry Joe's "The Last of Us Remastered" review? I watched it. It was pretty funny.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 3, '14, 5:26 am 
Personally, I enjoyed how he zeroed in on a serious plothole…primarily, Ellie possessing a pocket knife, while Joel has to craft and go through tons of tons of shivs, and her never offering to let him use it instead of wasting resources.

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