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PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, '07, 3:57 pm 
Sain Cai wrote:Seeing how you cant get old sega games anymore, I dont see the big tadoo about downloading roms and emulators. I agree it shouldnt be used for current games, but really, where are you going to get Phantasy Star 2 or D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun?

You can get Phantasy Star II for either the Playstation 2 or PSP. I assume it will be a Virtual Console release too. The old D&D branded games seem to never be re-released though. The folks that own the rights to the Intellivision library have never been able to clear their D&D licensed games for re-release and those are 20-25 years old now :boggled: I don't know why the TSR/Wizards of the Coast folks are so opposed to old games being available.

Sain Cai wrote: Now selling games on Ebay, shouldnt that be worse? I mean reselling the game as opposed to downloading, whats the diff? The game company isnt getting anything on either.

It is a bit different because you're not getting the game for free. If you have to decide between buying an old Genesis game for $5 on eBay or $7 on Virtual Console you may opt for Virtual Console version. Deciding between free and $7 isn't the same. Being willing to pay puts us in in the minority on this. For most, if they can get a game for free they will never consider paying for it later.

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