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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, '14, 7:13 pm 
What type of foods do you give your pet to eat? If you have a cat or dog, Do you give them dry cat/dog food alone? Or do you give them moist (can) cat/dog food alone? Or do you give them a mixture of both (dry & moist) food together? Do you give them any table foods (what you eat) at all? If you have other pets, what foods do you give them to eat? Is there a particular brand of pet food that your pet likes or do you just give them generic brands?

Just wondering what everyone else does. I usually give my cats Nine Lives dry cat food, (the one with Morris the Cat), however, sometimes I do add some moist can cat food with it or by itself. They seem to like the dry food better if it is mixed up with can food.

Our cats also get a few bites of food that we have left over from dinner every now and then. We have one cat that will stand and wait for her share from the moment someone goes in to cook dinner until the food gets done, lol.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, '14, 8:55 pm 
Only dry cat food for my only cat, Myau ! :)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, '14, 9:51 pm 
I only feed my cat Kimba dry cat food. Purina Cat Chow Complete, to be exact. I've had several cats in my life and none of them were able to keep soft food down. I always ended up seeing it again on my floor/carpet.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 25, '14, 7:45 pm 
Bandit likes Meow Mix dry either the normal flavor or sea food. She does not like wet food at all. As far as table scraps.. once in a while some lunch meat. Once in a great moon a little bit of milk. But for the most part I tend to keep her away from human stuff. she's got treats I can spoil her with.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 26, '14, 4:54 am 
My dog Scooter gets pretty standard dry food most of the time, with the occasional wet food as a treat on birthdays and such. My cats get dry food and I'm sure consume all kinds of human flesh and whatnot in their rovings. I tried to give Blacky a catnip toy one time to play with, and he simply held it up before him with his monstrous claws, gazed at it with a look of sheer predatory hate, and ripped the head off of it in one bite. I am not making this up. And this was not an edible toy.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 1, '14, 12:03 am 
In general, cats prefer dry food, supplementing with a bowl of fresh water as their kidney system is very efficient. Most vets will discourage you to feed them exclusively soft food. That said, my two cats (18 and 16 years old) have never eaten anything else than dry pellets from a brand we have here called Vetdiet. When they were younger, I alternated between hairball control and normal. Now all they get is senior/hairball control.

18 years and my old girl still goes nuts every time I fill the bowl. Cats know how to have a good time ;-)

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