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PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, '08, 10:59 pm 
The Phantasy Star series characters be if they were to cosplay at a convention. I want them all to cosplay from the Tales of Series so to me I think the order from the games would be like this.

Alis - Chloe Valens
Odin - Mighty Kongman
Myau - Corrine
Noah - Keele Zeibel

Rolf - Reid Hershel
Nei - Arche Klein
Rudo - Regal Bryant
Amy - Mint Adnade
Hugh - Johnny Sheeden
Anna - Suzu Fujibayashi
Kain - Tytree Crowe
Shir - Rutee Katrea

Rhys - Woodrow Kelvin
Mieu - Farah Oersted
Wren -Presea Combatir (Yes she's a girl but they're to much alike)
Lyle - Kratos Aurion
Lena - Tear Grants
Ayn - Loni Dunamis
Thea - Reala
Sari - Legretta the Quick
Nial - Guy Cecil
Ryan - Chester Barklight
Laya -Nanaly Fletch
Sean - Judas
Crys -Veigue Lungburg
Adan - Cless Alvein
Gwyn -Claire Bennett
Aron - Klarth F. Lester
Kara (W)- Celsius
Kara (P) - Colette Brunel

Chaz - Stan Aileron
Alys - Raine Sage
Hahn - Genis Sage
Rune - Jade Curtis
Gryz - Largo the Black Lion
Rika - Sheena Fujibayashi
Demi - Annie Barrs
Wren - Eugene Gallardo
Raja - Will Raynard
Kyra -Philia Felice

Yes I was bored when I did this >.>

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, '08, 2:05 am 
Heh heh. Well, just for fun, I suppose I can post a list. But my list will only be PSIV, and I'm going to go with Brawl characters.

Chaz-Ike or Marth. Chaz seemed more strength than speed oriented (just a little), at least to me, and of course, Ike's a powerhouse. But Marth would work too. Either way, he'd just need some hair dye
Alys-Zelda. I really do just see physical resemblance between them in many ways. Though Peach would work too.
Hahn-Pit. All Hahn needs is a pair of wings. And two knives is close enough to twin shortswords.
Rune-Snake. Because I was at a loss for Rune, and I think Snake is cool.
Gryz-Donkey Kong. They're both big, furry, and have lots of physical power. I think the fur is hard to hide, so why not do something with it? :boast_dk:
Rika-Zero Suit Samus. Alter her hair style and get her that suit.
Demi-Ness. Because the mental image amuses me. :p Also, they're both short.
Wren-Ganondorf...I'm not sure WHY, but I think it has to do with the large amount of armor on both of them...
Raja-Yoshi...uh....because he's green?
Kyra-Zelda or Peach. Whichever one Alys isn't.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, '08, 3:49 am 
Like I pointed out on another thread, Rolf would probably be Marth and Shir would be Lyn. We even had a running joke over on Videoland Mush about how much Shir and Lyn are alike.

As far as the rest of the Phantasy Star II cast

Nei- Ninian
Rudo- Oswin
Amy- Priscilla
Hugh- Canas
Anna- Titania
Kain- Sain

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