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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, '15, 2:38 am 
I recently finished the first two books in the last saga of the Shannara series, The Defenders of Shannara triology. First book was "The High Druids Blade" and second book was "The Darkling Child". The third book is expected to be out sometime next year (2016), I think, and will be called "The Sorcerer's Daughter".

I really hate to see the end of The Shannara books. They were all enjoyable for the most part but I could tell that they were getting a little repetitive and a little boring, but what can you expect after about nearly 30 books or so? I feel there was so much more that could have been written about many of these characters, especially the ones that were killed off way to soon.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, '15, 2:29 pm 
Another book I was extremely eager to get my hands on after hearing about it: "Superstorm." I would forgive you if you think it's a sci-fi or speculative fiction based just on the main title. If you saw the cover art (what looks like a generic "eye of hurricane" photo) I would still forgive you for thinking that.

But then there's the subtitle: "Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy."

This is a nonfiction book because we've had a superstorm. It was three years ago and its name was Sandy. It tends to get referred to as superstorm Sandy instead of hurricane Sandy because of the way to developed, and ultimately merged and hybridized with a frontal storm system in a way that made both far worse than they would've been otherwise by the time it came ashore. It was something we have not seen many times before, and that made it difficult for meteorologists to figure out what the storm was going to do.

The book itself is very enjoyable (in a dark way) in the same way a mystery or suspense book would be. It's told like a story, but here, I know what the outcome ultimately is for Sandy itself. As for the stories of the individual people it's following, those I don't know.

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