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PostPosted: Sun Dec 8, '13, 3:39 am 
Silver_Surfer1 wrote:
MrKite wrote:"Thank God It's Christmas" by Queen

I have never heard this song but it stirs my interest. I will have to try and find it somewhere and listen to it. For some odd reason I never thought about a rock group such as Queen making or singing a Christmas song, but I am delighted to find out about this. Does anyone know if they (or any groups like them) do any other Christmas type music or songs?

I don't think so. But the song is on their third Greatest Hits album from 1999.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 8, '13, 9:12 am 
"Silver Bride" by Amorphis : Great song !!!!! :)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, '13, 3:09 pm 
That's right, Myau, a fantastic song!

Ensiferum - Hero in a Dream

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, '13, 4:05 pm 
Apprentice : Thanks ! And even if I don't know the song you spoke about, I'll try to listen to it in a few minutes ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, '13, 7:03 pm 
Silver Bride is a pretty darn good song. I'd probably put it in Amorphis's top ten.

I've been checking around Spotify for albums by bands I like that I don't own, so now I'm listing to 'Brictom' by Eluveitie, as I don't own the album that song is on.

I still say that for being such a tiny community, we have a large number of metalheads. Not that this is a bad thing. Just an observation. Y'all should get on if you aren't already. :p

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 18, '13, 4:39 am 
Although I have discovered that I do like some metal type music (especially Sabaton), I am still fond of various other types of music also. Lately I have been listening to some wonderful Country music as one of the all time great singers has passed away this week, Mr. Ray Price, who was a member of the Country Music Hall Of Fame. :tombstone: :rose: ... ad-at-87-1

PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, '13, 4:11 am 
Every time I listen to Ephemeral, the EP Insomnium released this year, I get more excited for the full-length album they're scheduled to release sometime next year. It's only four short songs, but each one is absolutely sublime.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 9, '14, 4:53 pm 
Put on Bolt Thrower's Realm of Chaos to listen to while I wait for the bus at the local library. Sometimes you just need the old school style of death metal.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, '14, 10:38 pm 
If I ever get a craving for Death Metal I usually just pop in Atheist's Unquestionable Presence or Morbid Angel's Covenant. That usually does the trick for me.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 17, '14, 11:16 pm 

I've been listening to this really amazing English version of Agni Parthene, the great hymn by Saint Nectarios. The original Greek version is awesome, too, and I like the Slavic and Arabic versions, as well.

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