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PostPosted: Mon Oct 24, '16, 11:13 am 
I've started to play, on my beloved 3DS, the 6th of the Ace Attorney Serie, Spirit of justice ! I've just finished the first episode and it's great like the others ! :)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '16, 3:01 am 
I'm playing Okami, almost finished with it.

Most of the main game is pretty good (solid but unspectacular is right about how I feel about it) but dear god the sidequests are awful. I get sidequests aren't mandatory material so they don't get judged with the same weight as the stuff you're required to do to finish the game, but I still subscribe to the game design philosophy of "If its bad, it shouldn't be in the game, period."

Bad side-material still leaves a bad taste in my mouth, personally. Even if you can skip it, that's not a reason to include subpar elements in your game. After all, I'd argue if all the tertiary material in a game is great, that elevates it over a game with a theoretical same level of quality but lacks said side-material.

But I'm ranting, I'm right before the point of no return having done 95% of all the side stuff in the game. Its a good game, but I'd strongly hesitate to call it the amazing masterpiece that others do. Its a solid game that has a strong novelty factor going for it, I suppose. Mechanically, there's not that much the game does differently than any other action/adventure game and that's the primary thing that sticks out to me... in that regard its not that different or creative. I suppose to love it to death you'd have to get a major kick out of the japanese aesthetic, which I admit to being largely indifferent to (Its not bad or anything, it can be nice in parts but it doesn't do anything to impress me).

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, '17, 3:20 am 
Currently playing one of the newest Mario games. I really need to start some of the other Phantasy Star games that I have never played yet. So many games, so little time.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, '17, 11:08 am 
Ah ! i'm sure it's the same problem here for a lot of people (alas) : the lack of time ! Me too, like I've said many times before, it's one of my main problem ! And too I want (one day) to play all the Phantasy Star that I've never played (and sometimes never tried !) and there is a long list !
Phantasy Star Adventure and Gaiden (I've tried both of them) and I know that PSA is not very long !
All the Phantasy Star II Text Adventures (I've just tried one if I can recall). and so on...
And all the others to play again ! :)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, '17, 3:26 am 
Would also like to try some of the Metroid games that I haven't had time to play and lots of others besides the Phantasy Star ones.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, '17, 8:57 pm 
I want to play a lot of Phantasy Star game I've never played before ! (or just tried ! ;) )

PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, '17, 6:48 pm 
Lately, I've been playing the recently released Horizon: Zero Dawn. It's been a pretty fun action RPG so far, though the story seems kind of predictable. It's a post-apocalyptic future world where humankind has regressed to living in tribal communities, with the main character being a loner sort who goes out to solve the mystery of what happened to the previous civilization.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, '17, 12:58 pm 
Me I've just started Numan Revolution ! The hack from Phantasy Star II and the beginning is good ! Hope to see more as soon as possible !

PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, '17, 4:57 pm 
I've also been playing Horizon Zero Dawn. I haven't played an open world game in a while, and unfortunately the weapon degradation system in the newest Zelda left a very bad taste in my mouth - it's one of those mechanics that for me at least, can completely break my enjoyment depending on how it's implemented and the surrounding context. In the case of Zelda, I honestly don't understand why it's there at all, and it's implemented in a way that I personally can't stand. So I got Horizon and that's doing a lot more for me when it comes to open worlds. Not too far in, just got to the point where the world really opens up and I'll be playing more of it.

Also Doom from last year for my (single player) FPS fix. Fast paced, fun, and the glory kills, while pretty brutal and gory, have a purpose and they're so quick that at least to me, they enhance rather than detract from the flow of combat.

Eventually I'll finish Pokemon Red but man, it's a grind.

And I'm hoping to reach the platinum tier in Overwatch's competitive mode as well as accumulate enough points to get a golden gun at the end of this competitive season.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, '17, 12:40 pm 
Ah ! I've also started to play the original Phantasy Star in french ! With a french translation (so a hacked version of course ! ;) ).
And like I've said in the topic about YS, I'm not far from the end of YS memories of Celceta on VITA ! :)

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