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PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, '16, 3:43 pm 
Now playing Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes. The gameplay is very traditional '80s RPG, but it's written like it's someone's very first Dungeons and Dragons campaign. And I hope it never stops.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 2, '16, 5:43 pm 
Playing Dragon Quest 4, the chapter of the chosen ! On my 3DS :) A great game ! :)

PostPosted: Tue May 31, '16, 5:25 pm 
myau56 wrote:Playing Dragon Quest 4, the chapter of the chosen ! On my 3DS :) A great game ! :)

Oh my gosh! I recently bought a used copy of the game--I am so excited to play it but I haven't found the time yet.

I've been playing Doney Kong Topical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors on WiiU, and Fire Emblem Fates (Conquest) recently. I have come to realize that I am such a bad gamer. Such a bad gamer. It makes me cry! :x I can't really play with friends or anything because I get embarrassed. But at least I have a lot of fun playing them.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 1, '16, 3:08 am 
Well, a few games going on, as per the usual. There's always Smash, on and off, with my friends and my brother. Though I guess at this point, I should stop trying to fool myself and admit that Dark Pit is my main.

Sorry, Ness.

Also he's better than Pit because his Side B is better/cooler/more satisfying to hit/FREEZE FRAME, neutral B is superior/less gimmicky, his Final Smash is 100% boss, and he's not annoying to listen to after about 5 seconds. Also holy awesome his blood red palette swap. :darkside:

My boyfriend also convinced me to get Overwatch after he played the beta and promptly bought it on release, even though I am usually not into online shooters. I guess this one managed to overcome that some, as I played it a bit before heading out of the town for a while (I am writing this from my parents' place, as we're visiting them for my mom's retirement) and it was generally fun. I think it helps that A) the characters all really are different to suit a variety of play styles B) it's colorful instead of your generic brown and gray serious shooter and C) it doesn't take itself too seriously. After playing each character at least some, Hanzo and Mercy are definitely my two favorites.

Then there's my 3DS, which I brought with me on our trip. I have an EarthBound rare item run going on. I have 2 of 25 and just got to Winters. I'm also going to do the T-Rex Bat challenge, which is a challenge to buy the T-Rex Bat in Winters as Jeff. The reason it's a challenge is because it costs over $600 and Jeff can't access the money in Ness's bank account, so you have to get the money by grinding and selling items enemies drop. The benefit is that it gets Ness a powerful weapon long before he's supposed to, which grossly overpowers him for the next few sections and can make a couple of the rare items easier to get, particularly the ones in Moonside.

I want to play Pokemon Red, but my boyfriend and I want to play these games together, fight each other after gyms, and trade Pokemon that aren't in the other's version (he has Blue). The problem is he's good at starting games but not so good at sticking with them so I either wait for him or say "play this soon or I'm proceeding regardless."

And Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. I'm sort of torn. Not long ago I came very close to putting it down as the LOOOOOOOOONG tutorial part dragged on far longer than it needed to, but just before I hit that point the game finally stopped that, opened up and got going some. So that was good, but unfortunately that "second wind," if you will, might be running out. The inherent repetitiveness of rogue-likes may finally hit this one. I enjoy rogue-likes to a point, but I am willing to admit I almost always eventually just lose interest. The game is fun, don't get me wrong, but it feels to me like it's going on way longer than it needs to or has any right to without any real changes or mix-ups to the gameplay, nor anything that really feels rewarding and makes me want to keep playing. The Connection Orb mechanic is ok, but it still just doesn't feel like the connections really matter or change anything. The writing/translation is also what I can only describe as "twee," which is definitely getting to me. I was feeling my will to keep going shrinking after playing last night. I may give it a few more sessions, but I'm not sure. It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, but it may just not be a game for me as the usual issues I have with rogue-likes are starting to kick in. If I do drop it I did bring other 3DS/DS games with me along with other VC games I have installed, so we'll see what I decide to turn to.

Also the Last of Us Remastered Grounded Mode. That flooded basement. And now, that group of hunters in that courtyard.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 1, '16, 11:58 am 
LEMINA : Great game ! I've already started to play Dragon Quest 5 and 6 too ! They are both great too ! Hope you'll find time to start the 4th one ! :)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 3, '16, 6:35 pm 
Sorry Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. I gave you a few more sessions, but your pacing is way too slow, you're still doing handholding around 20 hours in (and why are you that long anyway with still very little to show for your story?), there's still not THAT much freedom, and your cutscenes are unskippable with twee dialogue that is too much so for my tastes with nothing to offset it, like somewhat decent humor. Oh and your tutorial was WAAAAAYYYY too long. Your rogue-like dungeon-crawling gameplay works decently well, but I think at this point I just have to say that kind of gameplay just isn't my thing, especially for something that goes on this long. You're not a bad game, but even after taking into account how your core gameplay just isn't for me on a subjective level, you still have some things that I would label as some pretty serious issues, especially your pacing. You definitely do somethings right, and some things very well, but in the end...I just can't work past some of your issues and my personal tastes.

I may pick up something else for my 3DS, or focus more on my 1/128 EarthBound item run when I'm handheld gaming. I'll be back in Boston this weekend and I want to spend more time in Overwatch and give a good honest shot to the Wargame series, which a friend recommended. RTS is another one of those genres that's failed to grab me, but after hearing it get high praise from him, it might be time to give that genre another try.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, '16, 7:30 pm 
Just got my sister and I a copy of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. We already played the heck out of F 2nd and Mirai for the 3ds. Even 2 years ago, if you told me that I would love Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid, I would never have believed you. Now it's an obsession of mine. The music videos are soooo cool! It takes a bit of getting used to the mechanical sounding voices that are the vocaloids, but once I did, I fell in love with a lot of the songs from the game. I am super happy that I found Project Diva F around me~

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, '16, 11:45 pm 
Been working though Mass Effect 2.. but took a break from that to play LEGO Avengers. Which is pretty much set in the MCU. It is a spiritual sequel to LEGO Marvel Superheros rather than a direct one. It features a few more hubs. But Manhattan hub is almost identical to LEGO Marvel. Other than their are no gold brick missions and None of the X-Verse figure. The game story follows those of the more recent movies with scenes from just about all of them as playable missions.

A few good things: Flight Control is way better than Lego Marvel. Car/truck control seems to be a bit wonky vs the previous game. Animation style is good and I'm playing this on 360.

A few annoyances: Oddly enough this game is typical LEGO format with it's off beat sense of humor. Yet some of the more darker themes of the movies is ever present and serves as a bit of an undertone for the story mission.

Gold Bricks: in previous LEGO games. Gold Bricks unlocked extra mission. in L:A they seem to serve as collector items and have no other value. (unless you want to trip the auto save).

Over all a decent game with a lot of value. But hope the DLC adds some extra content.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, '16, 3:15 am 
Burned out from FE: Fates (though it's great), so I've been playing some text heavy games lately. Finished Phoenix Wright: Justice of All, now starting Trials and Tribulations. I also picked up Hotel Dusk awhile back (really slow pacing on that one so far), picked up Pokemon X again, been playing a bit of Rewrite, and I just got Tokyo Mirages #FE in the mail yesterday. Never short on games in my house, lol

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, '16, 7:55 pm 
All Overwatch, all the time. This game basically piled a bunch of dynamite next to the wall I have for online shooters, blew the wall to smithereens then did a Vaudeville dance on the ash pile.

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