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Have you ever participated in a food fight?
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 Post subject: Food Fight !
PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 7:31 pm 
Here's a video of a food fight in Reno, Nevada where they were participating by thowing tomatoes to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.

WARNING: Some may consider this a little gross as food fights can usually get sometimes. So, if you don't want to see, then don't look. :wink: ... &GT1=42007

All I can say is, that this is a sad waste of good food that probably could have went to help feed some people who were hungry and possibly doing without food somewhere in this USA, since so many families are having difficulties feeding their families due to this sad economic situation we are facing right now. :(

However, with that said and done, I can also see the fun in having a good old-fashioned food fight to help a needy cause and just to have some fun and release pent up frustrations, etc. :yes:

Have you ever been in a food fight? What kind of food was involved? Take our poll!

 Post subject: Re: Food Fight !
PostPosted: Thu Sep 2, '10, 7:04 am 
Can't say that I've been in one. I've never even seen one outside of television, for that matter.

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