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PostPosted: Sun Mar 2, '08, 9:26 pm 
Ok so I'm playing my savestate on PSII and I battled Neifirst, but since im trying to test something out I needed Nei to die so I could get into the next fight. So I clicked the option to run and the weirdest thing happened. Instead of saying Nei couldn't run it said Nei and party escaped, the scene played out like she actually beat Neifirst played and then the climcontrol exploded.


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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '08, 4:38 am 
So, to finish that fight all you have to do is run with Nei and the whole thing is over? That's really weird. I wonder if the same happened on the actual game. I know Genesis emulation isn't 100% perfect in some cases. Maybe this is one of those and maybe it isn't, but it seems like a really odd thing for the developers to have put into the game.

But then, I guess most people wouldn't think to try running from a boss battle...

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '08, 5:03 am 
Unless if it's Chrono Cross or it's a boss battle you're suppose to run from.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '08, 11:16 pm 
So, this was the prototype for the carnivorous trees...

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '08, 11:34 pm 
I was messing around with PSII today myself, but this didn't work for me. It wouldn't let Nei run at all. Maybe it's a really rare occurrence in the game.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 2:35 am 
Shir: (wearing a Mega Man helmet) All right, Rolf, I rigged Climatrol to blow! Say the word, and Nei First gets blown so high there won't even be enough of her to dump in your trash can back home!
Rolf: Umm... * surrounded by bricks of C4) Isn't this a little much, Shir?!
Amy: (wearing one of those hard hats those enemies from Mega Man wear) I agree, Miss Gold. This plan of yours might have devastating effects on Motavia's ecology for generations to come...
Shir: Pish-posh, Amy! Besides, this was Kain's idea! So, how's Nei doing as my distraction?! (starts rigging more C4 together)
Rolf: Umm... (looks over)
Nei First: (chasing Nei around Climatrol, oblivious to Shir's plan) I'll get you!
Nei: Wheeeeee! I'm holding L2 and cancelling my combat actions!
Rolf: ........
Amy: Miss Gold, just how did you manage to get so much C4? I'm only a doctor, but even I know that plastique isn't something you can pick up at the local Tool Store.
Shir: Yeah. About that, good thing you guys never checked in your itempacks. Or your pockets. Oh, Rolf, sorry about your couch, by the way. You'll understand.
Rolf: (gets Chaz's unheroic look) What.
Amy: (looks down at dress) My dress doesn't have pockets...
Nei: Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! ^_^
Nei First: Stand still, you little- (trips on tripwire)


Nei First: (brick of C4 lands on her head. She is dead.)
Nei: Rolf, there's no hope for me. If Nei First is dead, I too must die...
Shir: Ya know, it seems like such a waste of plastic explosives anymore, but... (flicks switch)
Rolf: Holy freakin' crap! The weather system is shaking terrifically!
(deafening explosion)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 3:12 am 
(Kaloes Tsunami Snorb and Thoul back in Paseo)

The group sees a small smoke cloud in the distance.

Kaloes: Did you guys feel that?
Thoul: You mean that earthquake?
Tsunami: Or that sound, you know the sound that seems like a large amount of water is crashing towards you?
Kaloes: Yea, something like that.

(Snorb comes running from the south gate of Paseo)

Snorb: Guys the rivers are filled with water, and theres something you should see.
Kaloes: Probably just a bio-monster washed ashore.
Thoul: Yea, makes for easy pickings.
Tsunami: Lets go ^_^

(The group make their way to the riverside near Paseo to discover Rolf and his team in a dizzies state, machine parts floating everywhere and the group covered in black sut)

Tsunami: What do you think happened to them?
Thoul: Maybe they were thrown from that explosion in the distance?
Tsunami: Thoul, your sooo smart ^_^
Thoul: You think? So Kal, what do you think we do?

(Kaloes has stars in his eyes)

Kaloes: Grab their wallets!
Snorb: Alright, it looks like this one is loaded.
Tsunami: You guys are so silly, hurry up before they wake up.
Thoul: Yea yea, alright, I got everything from these guys, lets roll.

(So the group leave Rolf and company stranded, moneyless and make their way to become the greatest thieves Motavia had ever known.)

Kaloes Tsunami Snorb & Thoul: THATS TREASURE HUNTERS!!!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 13, '08, 1:44 am 
The same kind of thing happened with me in PSIV. I accidentally hit run when I was in a boss fight against the three Dominators at the Vahal Fort and it let me leave the battle :blank: but I didn't make it out from the dungeon without dying. I tried it again a second time but I didn't work so I had to beat them. :grumpy:

PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, '12, 5:24 pm 
i suspect a flaw in the fleeing system, Perhaps a very low chance of running away and confusing the game into thinking you won the fight, so everything progresses normally.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, '12, 10:44 am 
Makes me think of the Carnivorous Trees...I fought them for quite quite quite a long time and I could have gone on for all eternity since I usually wiped the screen with them before they hit me. Until I *accidentally* hit run.

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