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PostPosted: Sat May 9, '09, 7:42 pm 
Here's an interesting article that looks at some of the weirdest way the US Postal Service has delivered mail over the years.
Popular Mechanics - Wild USPS Mail Delivery Services
I found the tubes the most interesting. I thought that was just something from fiction, I didn't know they really existed.

The rocket was just a bad idea all around. Can you imagine what kind of reaction that would bring today?

PostPosted: Sun May 10, '09, 12:27 am 
Ha, if nothing else, I guess you could say that they are inventive and will try just about anything to get their job done and the mail delivered.

Remember their motto " Neither rain, sleet, snow, nor hail,....". I guess you could add "no matter what type of transportation or container" along to that too, lol. :D

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