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PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '08, 5:30 pm 
Heard about a new study that says Watermelon has some kind of chemical or something in it that may help give or contribute to an effect much like * would have on some people. Actually, it is supposed to be in the rind of the Watermelon. So now they are going to study this more to see what it's all about.

I wonder how much of the tax payers money they spent studying nutty stuff like this???????????????

Maybe I should have put this under the "ridiculous item of the day" topic. :lol: :rofl:

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 7, '08, 4:13 pm 
Now they are saying on the news that there is some kind of watermelon vine disease, in Florida I think it was. That is destroying watermelons, etc., thereby causing watermelons to possibly be scarce and high in price. This is only in Florida right now from what I heard on the news, I think.

Goodness, it seems like there is some problem with our foods all the time these days!

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 8, '08, 4:09 am 
I saw a doctor on Fox News this weekend talking about that first thing. He said it was basically bull, that there was no specifics about how much watermelon was needed to get that effect, but it just causes creation of some of the same chemicals in the body.

That vine disease is too bad, though. This is really the big season for watermelons here and the last thing we need is for yet another thing to go up in price.

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