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PostPosted: Thu Mar 5, '09, 6:57 pm 
As some of you know, there will be a midnight showing for this movie. I am anxiously awaiting to watch this as I adored the graphic novel and it appears the move is following the graphic novel pretty well. So who is going to see this at midnight? Any of you going to see it at all?

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 5, '09, 9:19 pm 
I never read the comic, so this is one I'm skipping for now. I might see it when the DVD comes out.

Midnight showings just aren't something I can handle any more. I went to one a few years back, I think, but no more. It's hard for me to stay awake during a movie that late.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 6, '09, 12:25 am 
I haven't read the graphic novel or comic so I don't know very much about " Watchmen " either, but I have seen a few previews of the movie on TV and I think I'd like to see this one. It looks exciting and good. Just who all make up " Watchmen " anyway???

I would have to agree with Thoul on the midnight showing, though. It sounds intriguing, but I don't think I could handle it.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 6, '09, 6:16 pm 
Well you should certainly get a chance to read the novel, it will make you understand the movie better. Watchmen consist of : Comedian, Dr Manhattan, Nite Owl, Rorschach, Silk Spectre, & Ozymandius. My friend said the movie is really good but the story may not make much sense over all.

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