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 Post subject: eBay gives green boxes
PostPosted: Wed Sep 8, '10, 8:23 am 
eBay will be giving away 100,000 green reusable shipping boxes to it's sellers: ... ng-boxes/1

While this is a great idea for eBay to help with the environment issue, etc., I for one am a little bit doubtful on how it will go over, mainly due to shipping costs these boxes could incur, etc. They may be great for the environment but if they cost more in shipping charges then they just may not be worth it. jmho.

Comments or Opinions?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 9, '10, 4:16 am 
Depending on the sizes, it might be worth using for shipping some things first class. I like to use Priority Mail for the speed and tracking numbers, but that costs a lot, too. Most people who buy items prefer to use cheap shipping methods like first class or media mail whenever possible.

I'm surprised there are only 100,000 boxes available, though. Those will be gone within a day. They won't be used by many people.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, '10, 4:04 pm 
I just use the boxes and packing materials that were discarding at work.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, '10, 6:42 pm 
That's a good plan. You're recycling and saving money at the same time.

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