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PostPosted: Sat Jun 26, '10, 12:16 am 
If you have created a written work and would like to share it with the community, the Literature section is the place for it. The first step to sharing your written works is finding the right place to post them. There are two kinds of written works that are accepted: Fan Fiction and Original Writings. Each has a special place to be posted.

Where to Post
Fan Fiction works are those that are based on other, pre-existing subjects. For instance, writings using characters and settings from Phantasy Star or other games. All works of this nature should be posted in the Fan Fiction section. Choose the most appropriate category there for work. For example, a story focusing on Phantasy Star III characters should go in the Phantasy Star III category. If there isn't a section that fits or you are unsure which to use, just post in the top level of the Fan Fiction section.

Original Writings are works you created entirely from your own mind. They are not based on pre-existing storylines. All works like this should be posted in the Original Writings section.

How to Post Your Writings
Posting in the Literature section works in the same way as creating a new topic in the rest of the forum. To post the first chapter of your work (or the whole work, if there's only one chapter), simply click the "New Topic" button in the category you've chosen. You may use BBCode and Smilies to add formatting your story.

When you post a work, only you (and site staff) will be able to reply to that topic. This allows you to post additional chapters, if any exist, without interruption to the flow of your work. Each chapter will be given a separate page in the topic to provide greater focus on your work.

Getting Feedback
Readers of your work are not able to reply directly to the topic containing your work. Instead, they can comment on it in the Reviews section. Every new topic in the Fan Fiction and Original Writings sections will receive a connected Reviews topic automatically. The Reviews topic is linked near the top of each chapter of your work.

Remember that even works posted in this area must follow the Participation Guidelines. Some of the guidelines are a little more relaxed in this section to allow freedom in your works. You can see some notes about that in the list of guidelines.

If you have any questions about posting fan fiction, feel free to ask by posting in the Member Feedback forum or by sending me a message or e-mail.

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