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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, '12, 8:59 am 
Happy anniversary to Walmart, Kmart, and Target stores who each turn 50 years old this year: ... 57792288/1

I didn't realize all of these stores had been around this long. We still don't have a Target store where I live but there is one in the next town about 30 miles away.

I'm surprised, but happy, that Kmart seems to be holding on for now.

Walmart continues to be the biggest and probably best selling store in our it or not!! They have the best selection of video games as well, so it's hard not to be grateful for that atleast.

Which one of these stores do you like to shop at the most??

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, '12, 12:32 pm 
Happy Birthday to them ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, '12, 2:31 am 
I had no idea Wal-Mart or Target were that old. K-Mart was the first big chain of that type to have a store around here, so I always assumed that chain was started before the others. Target, in my mind, was the "newbie" of the three because it has fewer stores in my state in general. It's weird to learn that they're all really the same age.

Between Wal-Mart and K-Mart (since again, no Target), I have to say I prefer Wal-Mart in general now. They get a lot of bad press for various issues, but they do have lower prices on most things than any of the competition. The local K-Mart has a really bad selection in a lot of areas, too. They haven't sold any computer accessories or software for years now. Their video game section isn't that great either, but sometimes they do have a title that Wal-Mart passes up for some reason.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, '12, 10:48 pm 
I'm also surprised that they're all the same age. I've always thought that Walmart did it first with the others following. Can't complain though. I generally do prefer Walmart for the selection and the prices. I used to go there all the time when I was in college. But now I often find myself going to Target more often out of sheer convenience because Target is ten minutes from my house, heh.

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