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 Post subject: Walker, Texas Ranger
PostPosted: Fri Dec 3, '10, 6:59 pm 
Any fans here of the tv show "Walker, Texas Ranger" which starred action star Chuck Norris?

If so, what did you most like/dislike about the show?

Do you think the show ever "jumped the shark" and if so, when?

Also, some current news regarding Chuck Norris. He has recently been named an honorary Texas Ranger! :clap: ... titialskip

An honor richly deserved, imho! I'm surprised they waited so long to give it to him since the show has been off the air so long. And, the article says Chuck is now 70 years, he sure looks good to be 70!!!! :yes:

 Post subject: Re: Walker, Texas Ranger
PostPosted: Sat Dec 4, '10, 7:48 pm 
I liked most of the show, but it's not something I can take in large doses. I'm not sure what it is that turns me off, but some episodes just disinterest me entirely. I stopped watching about mid way through the series and still haven't seen the last few seasons.

If you ask me, he doesn't look like he's 70 because of the hair and mustache. They might be fake, I don't know, but they make him look younger.

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