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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, '11, 12:05 am 
A very abbreviated version of Phantasy Star IV's ending is sketched on this page of storyboards. It would seem that the entire endgame sequence was rescripted at some point, rendering this whole page obsolete. In the first panel, the final boss appears to be Dark Force, rather than the Profound Darkness. The second and third panels are more inline with the final farewells the heroes share after their victory, but still don't have exact matches in the game. The fourth panel has Rika and Chaz standing together in civilian clothes. There is a close match to this pose in the final product, but the pair were still in their adventuring outfits at that point. And finally, we have a very different "The End" shot showing the three planets of Algo. It calls to mind the title screen of this game and Phantasy Star II, but does not match either.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 3, '17, 6:48 pm 
Nice endgame sketches here ! It's great :)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 12:57 am 

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 6:21 am 
This may be a holdover from when PSIV was going to be a Sega CD game.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 3:23 pm 
True that PSIV (or another one) was maybe scheduled to be launched on the Mega/Sega CD ! :)

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